Saturday, February 13, 2010

Southtown Star's Steve Metsch Nails a Great Story! Rock and Roll St. Laurence High School

St. Laurence High School in Burbank, IL ( roughly 77th & Central Ave. over by State Road, what's by the Olde Barn Restaurant) is run by the Irish Christian Brothers.

A young teacher at St. Laurence*, Fine arts director Frank Loulousis, has swelled the arts program by introducing Rock and Roll.

Well done!

Southtown Star Ace Reporter and Solid Commentator Steve Metsch ( an agenda-free writer BTW) nailed a terrific report on this great story.

Here's a taste:

They rehearsed in a room with a poster reading "Live to Play Live."
That they do.
After ripping through "Werewolf," a song by Every Time I Die, Mullen discussed what the club means to him.
"I've been drumming about five years. This club definitely helped me. Playing every day, improving every day, coming back, sounding better and better.

Click my Post Title for the Full Magilla! Great Job Steve!

Go Vikings! * Colors Gold and Black and you gotta love Mitch Ryder!

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