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Doreen's Frozen Gourmet Pizza - Herakleophorbia

I am a devout Catholic and an empiricist -in most things beyond metaphysics. I am not a devotee of Vito and Nick's, Fox's, Milano's, Roseangela's and Barraco's pizza because I am a south side parochialist, but because I ate pizza from Buddy's Pizza at 79th & Paulina as well as Caruso's on Ashland.

I was blessedly schooled in fine pizza, as a kid from Bordeaux, or Napa might say that he had sampled some Okay wine. I grew up in Pizza Utopia. Palermo's on 63rd! Falco's on Archer! Oh, Happy Land! Someone exclaims, " We're having pizza!!" and a south sider's mind races - "'Kay -don' panic. Be nice. Don' get your hopes up. It might be OK but expect Red Baron or Saltines with Brooks Ketchup on 'em. You're in Indiana for Crissakes. Calm down."

Doreen's in the heart of Calumet City and Hegewisch!

Doreen’s Gourmet Frozen Pizza Outlet Store located at:
130 State Street
Calumet, City, Illinois 60409
Phone: (708) 862-7499

13201 South Baltimore Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60633
Phone: (773) 646-0063

Later, while studying at Loyola University -north of Madison Avenue - I experienced Pizzeria Uno & Due and My Pi ( Greek Logo) - nice. Lou Malnati's ? If it's in front of me. Home Run Inn? Ditto.

I lived in Indiana from 1988-1998 - Pizza desert.

The south side of Chicago, Blue Island, Calumet Park, Calumet City and Chicago Heights were blessed by Italian immigrants who know how to toss pizza - thin to win and thick for the Micks. Mrs. Panatera made a gravy ( red tomato sauce) that if it were ladled over my son Conor's old New Balance mud dancers I'd devour that footwear.

I developed my gustatory tastes and sensibilities along with my passion for literature.

Last week, while shopping at County Fair Foods* for my three kids who eat like they're going to the Chair, I discovered Doreen's Gournet Frozen Pizza. Most frozen pizza's taste like the boxes that contain them; however, Doreen's Pizza ( jalapeno pepper) lifted me to Jove's Beard and Juno's Knockers! I recalled this passage from H. G. Wells!

Quite ordinary persons you perceive, both of them, outside their science. Or if anything on the unpractical side of ordinary. And that you will find is the case with “scientists” as a class all the world over. What there is great of them is an annoyance to their fellow scientists and a mystery to the general public, and what is not is evident.
There is no doubt about what is not great, no race of men have such obvious littlenesses. They live in a narrow world so far as their human intercourse goes; their researches involve infinite attention and an almost monastic seclusion; and what is left over is not very much. To witness some queer, shy, misshapen, greyheaded, self-important, little discoverer of great discoveries, ridiculously adorned with the wide ribbon of some order of chivalry and holding a reception of his fellow-men, or to read the anguish of Nature at the “neglect of science” when the angel of the birthday honours passes the Royal Society by, or to listen to one indefatigable lichenologist commenting on the work of another indefatigable lichenologist, such things force one to realise the unfaltering littleness of men.
And withal the reef of Science that these little “scientists” built and are yet building is so wonderful, so portentous, so full of mysterious half-shapen promises for the mighty future of man! They do not seem to realise the things they are doing! No doubt long ago even Mr. Bensington, when he chose this calling, when he consecrated his life to the alkaloids and their kindred compounds, had some inkling of the vision,—more than an inkling. Without some such inspiration, for such glories and positions only as a “scientist” may expect, what young man would have given his life to such work, as young men do? No, they must have seen the glory, they must have had the vision, but so near that it has blinded them. The splendour has blinded them, mercifully, so that for the rest of their lives they can hold the lights of knowledge in comfort—that we may see!
H. G. Wells - The Food of the Gods Chapter I, part 1.

Yes! That We may see and later eat it!

True genius you shall know by this sign!

Doreen’s Pizza, Inc. originated in 1986 on the south side of Chicago as a small take-out and delivery pizzeria with only one table in the dining area to accommodate customers who needed a quick bite to eat.

Being praised as the best pizza in the area, owner Bob Wisz decided to take this pizza perfection to the masses -- and began selling his pizzas frozen to local bars. Word quickly spread and people all over the area raved about his product and asked for it to be sold near them. Bob quickly expanded and started selling his soon-to-be famous pizza in many different types of businesses catering to a variety of age levels. Today, Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza is hand-made in our manufacturing facility in Calumet City, Illinois. To provide our customers with nothing but the perfect pizza, our facility makes only pizza – not burritos and not chicken pies.

We use only FRESH ingredients, including the vegetables, the sausage and the 100% real cheese that tops it all off! We go the extra mile to ensure our pizza is fresh when it comes out of your oven – and tastes just like it -- just like the moment it was made fresh and frozen in our facility.

All of our pizzas are fresh frozen and never precooked. This allows the blending of each ingredient and its unique flavor to combine uniformly to create that special Doreen’s taste! And our pizzas are packed with toppings for your eating pleasure! In fact, our Deluxe Pizza weighs nearly TWO POUNDS!
You can avail yourself of Doreen's Gourmet Frozen Pizza at these sensible and classy locations!


Baltimore Foods - Hegewisch

Berkot's Super Foods - Dwight, Coal City, Braidwood, Watseka, New Lenox, Manteno, Mokena, Manhattan, Wilmington, South Wilmington

Bizios Fresh Market - Olympia Fields

Brookhaven - Mokena, Burr Ridge, Darien

Casey's Market - Western Springs

County Fair - 108th & Western - Chicago

Country Squire - Chicago Heights

Fairshare - Midway Airport - Chicago, Roosevelt Rd. - Chicago

Fairway - Lockport, Sauk Village, Dolton, Riverdale-144th & Indiana

Green Leaf Foods - Michigan Ave. - Chicago

Lincoln Park Market - Chicago, IL

Lupita’s - Calumet City

Misch Bros. - Calumet City

Pete’s Market - All locations

Potash Bros. - Chicago, IL

Presidential Market - Presidential Towers Chicago

Quality Supermarket - Watseka

Randy’s Market - Orland Park

Sentry Foods - Midlothian, IL

Strack & Van Til - Chicago - Elston Ave., Plainfield

Sunset Foods - Libertyville, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Northbrook

Tony's Finer Foods - Chicago (on Belmont, Central, Elston, Fullerton), Melrose Park, Bridgeview and North Riverside

Trudy's Pantry - Lansing

Ultra Foods - Hanover Park, Calumet Park, Chicago - 87th & Kedzie, Chicago Heights, Downers Grove, Forest Park, Joliet, Kankakee, Lansing, Lombard and Wheaton

Village Farmstand - Calumet City

WALT’S - Beecher, Crete, Frankfort, Homewood, South Holland and Tinley Park

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Doreen's Outlet Store

Visit our Doreen’s Gourmet Frozen Pizza Outlet Store located at:

130 State Street
Calumet, City, Illinois 60409
Phone: (708) 862-7499

Click here to view products available at our Outlet Store!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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Doreen's Pizzeria Restaurants

Don’t forget to visit Doreen’s Pizzeria, featuring our delicious namesake pizza. Two convenient locations in the Chicagoland area to serve you.

Dyer Restaurant
726 Joliet Road (US 30)
Dyer, Indiana 46311
Phone: (219) 865-9988

Chicago Restaurant
13201 South Baltimore Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60633
Phone: (773) 646-0063

Do, click my post title.

* County Fair Foods
10800 South Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643-3226
(773) 238-5576

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