Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jan Schakowsky Insists Dead Babies Mean a Healthy America!

Dimbulb Democrat Jan Schakowsky, still under scrutiny as a Turkish Spy by the way, insisted to MSNBC's own Gay/Abortion Advocate Loudmouth Rachel Maddow that American Health Care requires dead babies:

While the Hyde Amendment initially banned public funding of abortions except in cases of rape, incest or the life or health of the mother, Stupak's amendment could end abortion coverage for people whose health insurance currently covers the service. His amendment would ban women who get government subsidized insurance to enter into a plan that covers abortion services--even if women wanted to pay for the plan themselves.

"[Stupak's amendment] went way past the current law," Schakowsky told Maddow--adding that Stupak talked several Democrats into thinking his plan was the status quo. "The pro-choice members [of Congress], 42 of us who signed a letter that said we want to maintain the status quo and will not vote for [the bill] if it has the Stupak language."

When Maddow asked Schakowsky whether the pro-choice members of Congress would vote down the health care bill if it included the Stupak language, Schakowsky said they "absolutely" would.

Planned Parenthood paid good money for Jan Schakowsky since she was a back-benching pain in the rump in Springfield and now GE giving this nitwit more air time.

Maddow and Schakowsky? Muy Simpatico! except to unborn children. These two odious harpies need to go.

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Jason said...

Ask your readers to dump Schakowsky and support Joel Pollak.