Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free George Ryan!

Governor George Ryan was convicted. He was sentenced to six and one half years in a Federal Prison ( first in Oxford, WI and since then Terra Haute, IN), he has been stripped of his pensions and is nearly destitute.

George Ryan was convicted by Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald with the testimonies of political rats like Scott Fawell, Larry Warner, Roger Stanley -" The Hog*" and others.

George Ryan's trial was a kangaroo court played in the media like no other - George Ryan never went on Survivor, nor did Lura Lynn Ryan publicly disgrace herself - you know eat bugs for a TV fee. Carol Marin tried to do that. Judge Pallmayer? You can have her.

I never voted for George Ryan. I was heart-broken by the death of Willis Children, who died due a Secretary of State - pay-to-play political ploy that George Ryan inherited from Illinois Secretary of State/Governor Jim Edgar, but Edgar . . .?

Here is Prosecutor Fitzgerald - whose work on the Blagojevich Looting almost guarantees that Loopy Narcissist will never spend a holiday at Club Fed; Fitz pulled the trigger on Blago, when it appeared that it might interfere with President Obama's Innauguration - it did. Fitzy needed to rework Blago's indictment, because the Supreme Court will overturn the ruling on which George Ryan was convicted - Here's Fitzy!

"Ryan is charged with betraying the citizens of Illinois for over a decade on state business, both large and small. By giving friends free rein over state employees and state business to make profits-and by steering those profits to his friends and, at times, his family-defendant Ryan sold his office." Did he?
I followed the case. Ryan was convicted in the Media.

George Ryan was convicted because the Media and his political enemies and too many of his friends wanted him convicted. The Judge behaved accordingly it seems to me.
It was rigged deal with Real Rats( noted above) doing the knotting.

Free George Ryan!


Judge lets 'The Hog' go to Costa Rica to visit his son

Chicago Sun-Times | August 29, 2003 | Steve Warmbir | Copyright (c) 2009 Chicago Sun-Times, Inc. This material is published under license from the publisher through ProQuest Information and Learning Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan. All inquiries regarding rights should be directed to ProQuest Information and Learning Company. (Hide copyright information) Copyright

The Hog gets to go to Costa Rica.

A federal judge Thursday granted a request by Roger "The Hog" Stanley, a significant player in the corruption under former Gov. George Ryan, to travel to Costa Rica for a week to see his 2-year- old son and try to get the boy a passport so he can visit this country.

Stanley was "ecstatic" with the ruling, his prominent attorney, Michael Ettinger, said.

Stanley, who is getting divorced from his wife in the United States, has the boy from a relationship with another woman living in Costa Rica.

Federal prosecutors "were not crazy"…

Heart warming.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! I know George Ryan to be a kind & decent man. He was never charged with killing the Willis children but he sure was convicted of that crime.

I hope Obama has the courage to let him come home!