Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicago Journalism - Sneering or Steering: Rich Miller Sneers at 47th Ward Working Stiffs

Sneering is one of the occupational hazards of journalism. It is also one of the most inexcusable. For no one ever sneered without intending to amuse some by hurting others.
Kevin Myers - The Irish Independent
and then here in Illinois we have snarkly little Rich Miller, Eric Zorn, & etc.


Question of the day

Thursday, Feb 11, 2010

* Who were the biggest losers on primary day? No snark*, please, and fully explain all your answers. Thanks.
Rich Miller - The Capitol Fax Blog

Anyone over the age of twelve who employs the term snark in prose should be hand tailored into a tight fitting Pork Chop Suit and placed in an Englewood Pit Bull arena - with very high and greasy walls.

Jesus Christ Almighty! These prissy mopes probably say 'Off the Hook!' and 'It's Money!' and watch Jonas Brothers on You Tube! I tend to sneer at powerful and influential people who nevertheless need to belittle powerless and voiceless people.
I will probably go to Hell for sneering ( an eternity of NPR/Studs Terkel Ramblings & etc), but at least I do not snark.

Snark means you are too tired, wan and Oh So bored to make a snide remark and thus snark. I am vigorous! A vigorous pain in the ass, to be sure, but Vigorous! I readily sneer at powerful and fatuous Puffer Fish.

Snark is one of our Birkenstock neologisms meant to allow one to sneer at someone or thing and somehow avoid a much needed ass-kicking.

Last Thursday, Rich Miller's snark-free Capital Fax Blog asked readers and commenters to tally whom they felt to be The Biggest Losers in the Illinois Primary. This followed the previous Day's Snark Free
catalog of winners.

Snarkless Rich Miller tallied his own losers to include this

- Rich Miller - Thursday, Feb 11, 10 @ 11:19 am:
. . . 47th Ward Regular Democratic Organization: The hacks can’t hack it no more. In fact, they haven’t been able to hack it for years. Ann Williams was the final nail in their pathetic coffin.
Snark, snark, snark (cough) and snark Again!

Euphues - the Anatomy Wit in Illinois needs a proctologist!

I was directed to the Miller Snark-ology by a 47th Ward Regular Democratic worker. This is a guy who takes a day off of work . . .actually many days . . .to gather valid signatures for candidates ( very often Progressive meatheads for whom no one would do a thing, but politics being about addition & etc.), stuff door fixtures and mailboxes, hang posters, put together, deliver and post political signs and speak well of candidates though saying that "Yes, Julie Hamos and Jan Schakowsky did ,in fact, resemble Margaret Sanger on them old gold coins, might have brought up his morning's Red Bull.

I like Ward and Precinct workers. I do not care for Snarking Loudmouths and Quicksilver Bigshots. . . .it's just me.

You see, Ann Williams ( of whom Miller and SEIU/Progressives wildly approve) defeated Dan Farley ( a sound and good man). Hence, the Miller Snarkless, mind you, sneer.

Capitol Fax Blog is the Illinois Must Read!!!! . . . I don't. I gave it a pass a few years ago when it seemed to me SEIU and other paying entities wanted more bang for their bucks and posts were edited accordingly.

I do know, without Rich Miller's assistance, that Alderman Gene Schulter runs a Ward Organization that is Service Oriented - Schulter gets elected and elected and elected and elected. He never seems to want for volunteers and help from many,many, many people. Not only John Fritchey would be no where near where he believes himself to be without the Hacks that can't Hack it, but many other Really BLUE - Ain't She Great Democrats who could not find a Chinaman on 22nd Street.

Rich Miller is a snark - Big Snarker; V.I.P. Way Important Snarker. The Hacks are little insignificant and hard working people who get other people elected. The Hacks just might go a Hunting for the Snark. That'd make some great reading.

*Snark -Combination of "snide" and "remark". Sarcastic comment(s).
Also snarky (adj.) and snarkily (adv.)


nrn312 said...

I sneer at people who can't capitalize properly. Did you go to Catholic school or something?

pathickey said...

"Yes, Yes, Yes! "- he confessed while tossing his lithe athletic frame onto a divan and weeping unashamedly!

. . . then plunging his corded and sinewed arms into a huge bag of Jays Potato Chips assuaged his many guilts with empty calories and meaningless tears!