Thursday, October 25, 2007

To All Deniers and Agenda Driven Activists - Have Someone Explain This Simple Cartoon to You - several times

Click Cartoon by Wiley to Enlarge

This great cartoon was sent to me by a stand-up Californian and Vietnam Vet Mike McQuade. What happens in life becomes history. Let's make sure that people get things right - not what some want to have taken place, or how they want events to fit their 'systemic' view of things, but what actually takes place.

Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 Nutball Theorists ( the Jews Blew it Up!), and so many Police Abuse Activists - notably G. Flint Taylor:

"It's political, it's cultural, it's systemic," said attorney G. Flint Taylor, who represents several former death row inmates now suing Burge and city officials.

Attorney Richard Sikes, who represents Burge in the five civil suits, said after Fitzgerald's announcement that allegations against his client "have been fairly investigated by the special prosecutors who found that charges were not appropriate."
Click the title above for a late-breaking Chicago Tribune story on this - then explain what this cartoon means to some of Chicago's Aldermen ( 28 by the 40 Watt Four: Smith Munoz, Moore and Preckwinkle) - explain slowly and repeat as needed - watch that their tiny heads do not explode - the pop will be startlng to small children,

Judge Lefkow denied the 28 Aldermen the listof names, addresses and phone numbers of Police Officers and their families. God bless you Judge! Score One for Common Sense and Deceny!

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