Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'John - Johnny McCain! It's Bizzaneez! John? . . . He Forgives; He Don' Forget ! Come On We'll Go See The Broad!'

John McCain don't need no stinking Hollywood punks. He's a guy from the neighborhoods and has plenty of Pals. Tony Soprano - the New Millenium's Archie Bunker - seems to be trolling for 'what 'his people' believe to be a sure thing. How's that for commitment?

This Mook Gandolfini - don't that mean "the end" of the Gandol in Italian? A Shoeshine Boy! Get your shine-box Jimmy! Get busy. The next President can do without the talents of people who more than likely forget to register to vote - they are very involved.

Click my title for the New York Post story on this non-story - if you care to do so.


Steve Nizer said...

No great loss. The fundraiser would have ended randomly blaring 'Don't Stop Believing'. Are people in IL getting tired of the 'Obama is god' hype yet?

pathickey said...

The Hype? Yes. Obama is a solid, solid guy.

He is surrounded by the very dopes who have screwed up every Democratic opportunity since Bubba was chasing teenagers through the White House.

The Real Barack Obama - the one hidden from the American Public - is very much a man like John McCain.

I like the guy alot. Sadly, He hasn't got the chance of porterhouse in the lioncage of the Moscow zoo.