Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chew Out Judge Ackley, Senator McCain

McCain Tree County - Iowa.

John McCain is mulling over the test in the Iowa Caucus - If you do make a stop in Iowa, Senator McCain, give Judge Ackley, who sentenced a Chicago Police Officer to Five Years for defending himself from an outrageous Iowa drunk, a nice thick slice of your mind. You would lock up some powerful support, which is already quite strong, in Democratic Chicago and maybe even spring a man unfairly sentenced by a miserable clown in robes.

Give this judicial creep a thick, knotty piece of McCain Justice - the kind that is born of the Rule of Law and a Sense of Justice, because there is bugger all Justice in Dubuque in the court of Judge Ackley. Unless, of course, you happen to be a locally connected bar bully.

Click on my Title Post for John Kass's account of Officer Mike Mette's

In the Mean Time Folks - Drop the Governor of Iowa a Note - Let's get his head up on this matter:


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