Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aces Over Kings : John McCain and Nick Sarkozy Over the Other Two Beauts

Vlad's Joe Stalin meets Mahmoud's Al Hitler in a toxic ploy to form Empire: these crumbs worked out the new Non-Agression Pact: Where was Hugo????? He's still stroking the Beard.

The London Times Reports:

"President Putin forged an alliance with Iran yesterday against any military action by the west and pledged to complete the controversial Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr."

In 2008, a couple of good guys will tie these clowns in knots: President John McCain and French President Nick Sarkozy. Stay tuned.

Here is John McCain on fighting for Freedom

America needs a president who can revitalize our country's purpose and standing in the world, defeat terrorist adversaries who threaten liberty at home and abroad, and build enduring peace. There is an enormous amount to do. Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been costly in blood and treasure and in other less tangible ways as well. Our next president will need to rally nations across the world around common causes as only America can. There will be no time for on-the-job training. Given the present dangers, our country cannot afford the kind of malaise, drift, and fecklessness that followed the Vietnam War. The next president must be prepared to lead America and the world to victory -- and to seize the opportunities afforded by the unprecedented liberty and prosperity in the world today to build a peace that will last a century.


Defeating radical Islamist extremists is the national security challenge of our time. Iraq is this war's central front, according to our commander there, General David Petraeus, and according to our enemies, including al Qaeda's leadership.

The recent years of mismanagement and failure in Iraq demonstrate that America should go to war only with sufficient troop levels and with a realistic and comprehensive plan for success. We did not do so in Iraq, and our country and the people of Iraq have paid a dear price. Only after four years of conflict did the United States adopt a counterinsurgency strategy, backed by increased force levels, that gives us a realistic chance of success. We cannot get those years back, and now the only responsible action for any presidential candidate is to look forward and outline the strategic posture in Iraq that is most likely to protect U.S. national interests.

So long as we can succeed in Iraq -- and I believe that we can -- we must succeed. The consequences of failure would be horrific: a historic loss at the hands of Islamist extremists who, after having defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the United States in Iraq, will believe that the world is going their way and that anything is possible; a failed state in the heart of the Middle East providing sanctuary for terrorists; a civil war that could quickly develop into a regional conflict and even genocide; a decisive end to the prospect of a modern democracy in Iraq, for which large Iraqi majorities have repeatedly voted; and an invitation for Iran to dominate Iraq and the region even more.

Whether success grows closer or more distant over the coming months, it is clear that Iraq will be a central issue for the next U.S. president. Democratic candidates have promised to withdraw U.S. troops and "end the war" by fiat, regardless of the consequences. To make such decisions based on the political winds at home, rather than on the realities in the theater, is to court disaster. The war in Iraq cannot be wished away, and it is a miscalculation of historic magnitude to believe that the consequences of failure will be limited to one administration or one party. This is an American war, and its outcome will touch every one of our citizens for years to come.

That is why I support our continuing efforts to win in Iraq. It is also why I oppose a preemptive withdrawal strategy that has no Plan B for the aftermath of its inevitable failure and the greater problems that would ensue.

From his speech before The Council on Foreign Relations.


Anonymous said...

"Defeating radical Islamist extremists is the national security challenge of our time."

Meanwhile, I'm gonna leave our southern border WIDE OPEN so they can waltz into the US any time they feel like it.

And those that are already here... (approx 200,000 individuals from "countries of interest", per DHS, ARE already here)


Not so smart, Johnny boy.

pathickey said...

Mitt Rudy ein Hillary,Herr Dumbkopf?

Bill Baar said...

Check this Pat.

It's McCain at his best.