Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cum Grano Salis or 20/20 Myopia Casts it Flawed Eyes on Cops - Stop! Read Second City Cop !

Click on My Post Title and read today's Second City Cop Story ! More outrageous and dangerous nonsense from Media Morons!

BTW -That's Mr. Magoo, an old timey cartoon guy, who thought kittens were scary Teamsters and the Dufus with the Magnum 'Stash addressing Harvard Students - at Yale is ABC 20/20 (Lens Crafters Couldn't Hurt?!) John Stossel.

ABC TV's 20/20 - The Disney Mopes who have screwed Chicago at every turn ( remember their kidnapping of the Chicago Thanksgiving Michigan Ave. Parade - PURE Mickey Mouse - or take your kids off the street!) - is now in the business of ENTRAPMENT of Chicago Police Officers - undercover 'video units' will be unleashed on the streets and it seems that 'Community Activists' and other local cop haters are armed with video cameras. Hey, why bother? Why not script it the way ABC and John Stossel want it to come out anyway! Hey, it worked for Gunga Dan Rather at CBS and look at how well Jose Sanders' rescripted ABC True Life worked out! Watch Out Now! Just Funnin', Jose! You did What???? NO you didn't!
Seeking to catch their truth - 20/20's John Stossel has just a swell record of

so doing
: Here's Big Myth Buster John doing his myopic mythopoeic best!

Liberal economist James K. Galbraith said that Stossel, in a story on laissez-faire economics in September 1999, used an out of context clip of Galbraith to make it seem that Galbraith had said nearly the opposite of what he meant. Stossel denied that Galbraith's views had been misrepresented, but changed the words with which he introduced the Galbraith clip in rebroadcasts of the program.[23][24] [25]

A February 2000 story about organic vegetables on 20/20 included statements by Stossel that tests had shown that neither organic nor conventional produce samples contained any pesticide residue, and that organic food was more likely to be contaminated by E. coli bacteria. The Environmental Working Group objected to his report, mainly questioning his statements about bacteria, but also managed to determine that the produce had never been tested for pesticides. They communicated this to Stossel, but after the story's producer backed Stossel's recollection that the test results had been as described, the story was rebroadcast months later, uncorrected, and with a postscript in which Stossel reiterated his claim. Later, after a report in the New York Times confirmed the Environmental Working Group's claims, ABC News suspended the producer of the segment for a month and reprimanded Stossel. Stossel apologized, saying that he had thought the tests had been conducted as reported. However, he claimed that the gist of his report had been accurate.[26][27][28][29][30]

In a March 2007 segment about finances and lifestyles of televangelists, 20/20 aired a clip of a TV minister originally broadcast by the Lifetime Network in 1997. The clip made it seem that the minister was describing his wealth in extravagant terms, when actually, he was telling a parable about a rich man. ABC News twice aired a retraction and apologized for the error. The minister filed a lawsuit against Stossel, his source for the clip, 20/20, and ABC for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.[31][32]

In an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal in September 2007 called "Sick Sob Stories," Stossel described the case of Tracy and Julie Pierce that was explored in Michael Moore's film, Sicko.[33] Julie criticized Stossel, saying her husband would have been saved by the Canadian health care system, and she thought Stossel should have interviewed her and her doctor before writing about them.[34] Stossel expressed sympathy, but said she had been misled to believe the treatment was routinely available in Canada. In fact, he said, the treatment is also considered "experimental" in Canada, and is provided there even more rarely than in the U.S.[35]

Politically progressive organizations Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) and Media Matters for America (MMfA) have criticized Stossel's work,[36][37] claiming lack of "balance" of coverage and "distortion of facts".[38] David Mastio, of claimed in February 2000, that Stossel has a conflict of interest in donating profits from his public speaking engagements (even though approved by ABC) to, among others, a non-profit called "Stossel in the Classroom" which includes material for use in schools, some of which uses material made by Stossel.[39][40] Stossel says his critics have biases or political agendas.[17]

[edit] The Schults incident
On December 28, 1984, during an interview for 20/20 on professional wrestling, wrestler David Schults struck Stossel after Stossel asked if professional wrestling was fake. Stossel claimed that he still suffered from pain and buzzing in his ears eight weeks after the assault.[41] Stossel sued and obtained a settlement of $425,000 from the WWF, at which point "the pain slowly went away."[42][43] Schults maintains that he attacked Stossel on orders from Vince McMahon, the head of the WWF.[44]
From Wikpedia

I'd say 'Pricless' but $ 425,000 is really pretty nice walking around money.

You gotta love TV News Yamheads!

Maybe This Sting feature will be produced by another myopic genius - Mr. Quincy Magoo - he can't see what's really out there either.


Anonymous said...

What is your point? Is it that the media is unfair and biased? Where have you been? Is this kind of yellow journalism any different than Rupert Murdoch's? I think you have had too much coffee today.
Chicago cops are no different than anyone else's. There are great one's and there are the Finnigan's of the world. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

What is your point? Isn't this kind of yellow journalism the same as Rupert Murdoch's? Are you naive enough to believe that Chicago's cops are better than anyone else's? If you haven't read the papers latley, check out Mike Sneed's column and read about Mr. Finnegan, fine upstanding man in blue isn't he. Come back to the real world.

JBP said...

I don't buy it Pat. Anytime one can be diametrically opposed to JK Galbraith, there is a good chance you are on the right side of history.

Galbraith said more than enough that exactly wrong in his life to pick a quote at random that is barrellheaded, there is no need for editorial tricks to show him for the carnival economist that he was.

If Stossel can get Media Matters, FAIR, JK Galbraith, and the Organic Food Skunks p#ssed off at him, he must be doing some very honorable and right.


pathickey said...

Remeber when cops used to chalk tires to catch drunks? That was called entrapment.

Stossel and his Video Rangers are now going to play gottcha?

Enjoy the news, Kids! I sure do!

Anonymous said...

I'm a younger guy from the south side. In the last few years I've known six guys who've become Chicago cops. Of the six, four have made it clear to me that they are not fond of blacks (that's putting it nicely).

I'm not saying all four of these guys are bad dudes, but it's hard to believe that they could act fairly while upholding the law in certain cases.

There's an old school wink-wink racist pub joke sentiment in these posts here that all the hero worshipping and Jack Higgins cop cartoons can't hide.

pathickey said...

I'm an old guy from the south side -

here's a wink- wink for you - you smarmy little turd - think as you care it is a free country.

Introduce yourself some time - wink/wink.

JBP said...

Yes Pat,

But Stossel is the best the media has to offer. Your citations of those that oppose him define a real lineup of dumbasses.

Rgds and Go Leo,

pathickey said...


When it's raining soup, I'll use any non-porous container. Poor John got my broad brush this AM, because it is - after all - his show.

If it were Wild Bill O'Reilly - that lad has had way too much loco-weed in his feed -or BABWAA Walters or Pam Zekman doing this creepy deal they'd get the same whisker ruffle - sorry ladies.