Friday, October 26, 2007

Sailing to a New Attitude is defined as a human being and woman is defined as a female. Whenever she tries to behave as a human being she is accused of trying to emulate the male...
Simone de Beauvoir

She loves the free, fresh wind in her hair
Life without care
Shes broke, but its ok
She hates california, its cold and its damp
Thats why the lady is a tramp

Doesnt like dice games, with sharpies and frauds
Wont go to harlem, in lincolns or fords
Wont dish the dirt, with the rest of those broads
Thats why the lady is a tramp


I am evolving! Let go of all past misconceptions and constructs about Women! Let her row, Dammit! Let Her Row!


Bill Baar said...

de Beauvoir was Nelsen Algren's girl friend... a relationshp I've never figured out.

pathickey said...


That French twist could knock out a pierogi salad; punich a quart of Sunnybrook; and give out with the snappy patter.

Easy on the eyes with the beer goggles on as well.