Saturday, October 13, 2007

Straight Talking Bloggers for McCain & News For the Media

A number of great sites in support of John McCain for President can be accessed to the immediate left of my Blog - no political statement that.

We people who buy newspapers are constantly tugged, turned, slapped, kicked, pulled, eased into and away from what is called the news. We want news - we want to be entertained - we want considered opinion but we get slanted pieces of the story, self-serving tales of a columnist's trips to hip-spots and we get milled agendas tossed like parade candy.

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Newspapers, particularly those now cork-screwing themselves into the marshy mud and clay of Chicago, seem bent on dividing people, insulting people, angering people, and selectively ignoring people in order to 'stir things up;' or offer a smarmy invitation to 'get into it.' That is why your paper is failing. People who used to read the Sun Times are going elsewhere for news.

We Chicagoans know what policemen, firemen, plumbers, back-hoe operators, clerks, electricians, school teachers, and sales people do for a living and how they live as neighbors. We also know what and how criminals, dope-slingers, phony activists, ghost-payrollers, and lazy journalists operate and how they cause suffering in our neighborhoods.

Tell a tourist - we live here! The poor guys holding the signs in the photos above would be ideal Chicago Sun Times Readers - Chicagoans know how to read and what the words mean.

Sweethearts, you do not want to 'get into it' with any of the talented, tough, caring, thoughtful and athletic young mothers and wives on Campbell, Maplewood, Rockwell, Artesian - let's not even talk about Talman , Washtenaw or Fairfield between 103rd and 111th Streets. You do not want to 'get into it' with these women - they are much too intelligent, hard-working and honest for you to get near the ropes. Trust me, you'll never get out of the ring. Don't go there.

The metaphorical challenge to 'get into it' is very, shall we say, 'High School Musical-ish Marxism.'

There are great Chicago writers! Neil Steinberg, Phil Kadner, Courtney Greve, Stephanie Gehring, Dan McGrath, Kate Grossman all give news and opinion without appearing to play dress-up Kropotkins.

People want straight talk - conviction, wit, and substance. When a newspaper reader buys a horse, don't bring a mule and try to tell her that it's Secretariat.

If you really want to get into it - come off of it!


Brad Marston said...

That picture is hysterical! Thanks for the plug as well!

pathickey said...

A buddy of mine, a Vietnam Vet, named Mike McQuade sent that to me - it is too funny - and completely undoctored. I think it was from Saudi Arabia.

Brad Marston said...

Scare the balls off a pool table? LOL. I actually had never heard that one before.