Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finding Police Abuse Where the Sun Never Shines!

The Above presented items - might also have been used in Chicago Police Torture. Jon Loevy and other lawsuit daffy Court Dressers under the glow of St. Ivo of Kermartin would have local Burghers believe.

Again that doughty chap above is noted American Screen Idol Andy Dick and not Lawyer Jon Loevy.

My close-knit ethnic instincts raised doubts about Police use of a refreshing and satisfying alcoholic beverage concocted of fresh pulpy orange juice and a fine domestic vodka.

The Andy Williams/Claudine Longet Family Christmas gathering would be too obvious. Chilling.

The stout Harley Product full of fat guy and an 88 key player piano would induce the right effect upon a larcenous Gastrointestinal blow-hole.

The High quality multi-purpose Wenger Champion Tool -In One might find its place in the cornucopean trick-bag of a Law Enforcement Professional's attempt to exact evidence.

If one were to insert the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a solid 'Street Worthy' of Chicago might just say anything - just might.

Veteran Police Basher and Sun Times Columnist Mark Brown warned Chicago Police Officers on Sunday that -

It's no coincidence that all of these stories and others like them have converged on the front pages of the newspapers in recent weeks.
And there is no way to overstate what a crucial and dangerous time this has become for the Chicago Police Department and therefore for the rest of us.

The rest of us are concerned. Not so much about our confidence in the Chicago Police Officers, but more so with a newspaper's active complicity in undermining that trust.
Mark Brown wants it both ways - bash the police on a regular basis and group all cops in with Finnigan, Abbate and Burge while delicately protesting like Dolly Varden in Dickens' Barnaby Rudge:A Tale of the Riots of Eighty that he truly loves the Chicago Police Officers whom he continues to bash. Raahlley! The Chicago Sun Times parade of police abuse sagas is as long as the reach of the imagination and lawsuit addicted pettifoggers and their criminal clients in their confederated abilities to exact a lotto ticket out of each and every arrest.

This one does not - dare I make use of one of the most sacred -albeit over-used -olfactory tropes in the Progressive lexicon? - pass the 'smell test.'

My God! What have I done? Now I might find myself wearing patched corduroy jackets and raising a soul-patch above my cleft, and rudely handsome chin(s).

Lawsuit Loevy, the village smithy of the hammering howls of hilarious harangues for his criminally charged clients, has gone into the Craftsman Tool Box in the interests of his own and his client's debit card balances.

The Screwdriver charge ( three days delayed - which the Medill Kids, as well as CST call 'shortly': Dear Reader, click my post title above for the link) sure seems to twist and turn one's imagination. Owww.

Well the jury has been given the evidence. I wonder what else Jon Loevy will pull out of his old Coke and Blackstone in the days and weeks ahead with the help of The Chicago Sun Times

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