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"Love Relations" Starring Ed Smith, Toni Preckwinkle, Joe Moore and Ricardo Munoz - See it with a Cop!

Aldermen Smith, Preckwinckle, Moore, and Munoz - Your Places are Reserved for You - to continue to do what you do best on the city of Chicago!

Yesterday and today in the Progressive - Independent Conscience of the City - aka The Chicago Sun Times, Fran Spielman reported on the Four Horsemen of the Metropolice - Ed Smith, author and movie mogul; Toni 'Too Smart' Preckwinkle: Joe 'Goose Guts' Moore: and Ricardo ' It's Printing Now' Munoz, and their announcement that they have Twenty-eight ( 28) Alderpersons ready willing and able to force the City Council of Chicago to place the names, addresses, phone numbers of Chicago Police officers the spouses and children into the hands of Gang-bangers, criminals, arsonists, drug-lords and sociopaths in order to score points with those criminals and clowns they serve: if you demand to place Police Officers and their families in mortal danger, you are either a criminal or a very sad clown.

Aldermen Toni Preckwinkle (4th), Ricardo Munoz (22nd), Ed Smith (28th) and Joe Moore (49th) said they have lined up 28 votes, two more than they need, to force Daley's hand. But the aldermen have decided to take a softer approach before setting up a confrontation not seen since the Council Wars during the 1980s. On Monday, they plan to file a petition to intervene asking U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow to order that the names be released.

In July, the city released a list of complaints filed over the past five years but the officers' names were blacked out. A disproportionate number of complaints were against members of the recently disbanded Special Operations Section, but the complaints resulted in only one 15-day suspension and three reprimands.

The aldermen say a blacked-out list is not good enough to determine whether there are patterns of behavior the Police Department needs to address.

"Not giving out the names is an indication that you are trying to protect people who have committed crimes," Smith said.

"I personally just want to know how many of them, if any of them, are in my police district and patrolling the streets in my ward," Moore said.

Munoz added, "This is about transparency and accountability. Ninety-eight percent of the police officers are good police officers. It's that 2 percent [who] are getting caught abusing their authority that we need to root out. The only way to do that effectively is to have all this information out."

Preckwinkle said it's no surprise that 28 aldermen are prepared to force Daley's hand. Not after a string of what she called "spectacular and disturbing cases" of alleged police misconduct and barroom brawls involving off-duty officers that hastened the retirement of Police Supt. Phil Cline.

I had no idea Ed Smith produced a a movie - click on the link to it on my post title - it's a veritable Gigi! Wholesome fun for the wives and kiddies!

Smith earned his bachelor’s degree from Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi and his master’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University. Smith has written two books: Love the Town Couldn’t Stop and Looking for Daddy. Smith is also the executive producer of the film, “Love Relations.”
Wikepdia:Ed Smith

Here's synopsis:

Where love and laughs collide.

In the spirit of BARBERSHOP, Love Relations is the story of a shoeshine shop owner and the charcters (sic) around him as they compare the details of their dysfunctional relationships. In four intertwined vignettes, the residents of a downtown neighborhood face up to the follies and fortunes of romance.

Although it is said that "love conquers all," the characters in Love Relations learn that love doesn't always win.
Not just the Spirit, Ed, but the Intent! I think they call that an Homage or Hollywood for plagiarism. Or as Ed Smith might argue - a stick-up man is an entrepeneur.

If Ed says they got twenty-eight (28) you can bet he has four (4) - Joe, Ricardo, Toni and the DeMille of D'Austin!

Back when Chicago had newspapers, these four creeps would be ignored by a Ray Coffey, a Hermann Kogan, a Carl Rowan, or a Nick Von Hoffman - even a Jack Mabley.

Here's a nice idea. Before these four with the help of their liberally compliant Judge Lefkow ( Hickey got this one wrong! Way to go Judge!,0,1825114.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout updated at 11:25 AM 10/25/'07) put Police Officers and their families in mortal danger, have a Night at the Movies with Ed ' Zanuck' Smith!

Police Officers - Give Ed Smith a call and set up a screening of Love Relations - bring the wives, husbands and kids so Ed can have a sit down and movie with the very people he wants to put in harm's way. The popcorn's on Ed! Invite the Progressive Sun Times Staff! They'd be able to follow the screenplay.

I'll give Love Relations Four Dumbs Up! Smith, Preckwinkle, Moore and Munoz - hey, there's room in aisle for twenty-four (24) more!

Give Ed a Call - Openness is how he rolls!

Ward 28:
Alderman Ed H. Smith (producer)
Office: 118 N. Pulaski
Chicago, IL 60624
Phone: 773-533-0900
City Hall Phone: 312-744-3066

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