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Catholic Mother Jones Would Spit in the Eye of ACLU Hypocrisy and Anti-Catholic Bigotry

“Some day the workers will take possession of your city hall, and when we do, no child will be sacrificed on the altar of profit!” Mary Harris "Mother" Jones(August 1, 1837 – November 30, 1930)

Nothing seems more profitable than the murder of children by Progressive America. Abortion is the tide that lifts every secularist boat - gay marriage, redistribution of wealth, Green everything are tied to the apron strings of the American Dowager Class - Planned Parenthood.  

Progressive thought requires a collective tabula rasa - erase history and begin anew. E.G. Mary Harris Jones, or Mother Jones. Progressives have been re-writing and burning history for decades and have succeeded in hoodwinking Americans that social justice has nothing to do with the Catholic Church in America,  The Progressive treatment of Mother Jones informs one-and-all that Mother Jones was born and baptized a Roman Catholic and attributes here ';hell-raising' ways to her rebel Cork, Ireland beginnings.  The common Progressive thread leads the un-discerning reader to assume that she repudiated her Faith in favor of Radical Socialism and Third Wave Feminism and found solace and comfort and support in godlees Hegelian community activism. Facts are swords. Group thought is fragile. In fact, Marry Harris Jones repudiated not the Faith of her birth and baptism, but the secularist and murderous ideologies of the Progressive.

Ignored is the fact that Mary Harris Jones ended her 93 years of teaching in Catholic schools, sewing for the rich Yanks of Chicago, fighting with and for the Knights of Labor, organizing and then repudiating the United Mine Workers as well as the Socialist Party of America, with last rites of her Roman Catholic Faith and burial along side the miners of southern Illinois. 
 ( The Roman Catholic Funeral Mass for Mary Harris "Mother" Jones at the Church of Ascension in Mount Olive, IL 1930)

Mary Harris Jones, for whom the anti-Catholic and secularist magazine is named, was buried in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church from the Church of Ascension in Mount Olive, IL - facts are such troubling things. Mother Jones 
would spit in the eye of the Dowager Class and its murderous self-interest.

 ( Pleae note the Roman Catholic Crucifix on the coffin of Mother Jones)

Last month, when forty plus Roman Catholic Dioceses brought suit against the Obama Regime's HHS Mandate, Mother Jones magazine said this - 

"The ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project recently won its lawsuit against HHS over a federal grant through which USCCB provided services to human trafficking victims. The bishops had refused to allow subcontractors to use the federal money to refer women for reproductive health services. In 2009, the ACLU filed suit arguing that under the contract the USCCB (and by extension, the federal government) was unconstitutionally foisting Catholic religious beliefs on the larger public. (The Obama administration last year refused to renew the contract,prompting even more outrage from USCCB, which accused the administration of operating an "ABC policy," or "Anyone But Catholics."). . . Real religious freedom gives everyone the right to make personal decisions, ( How baout a 24 oz. Big Gulp Chalice full of  grape NeHi?) including whether and when to use birth control, based on our beliefs. It doesn't give one group the right to impose its beliefs on others, (Gay Marriage?) or to use religion as an excuse to discriminate by denying employees access to vital services. The fight they are waging isn't about religious liberty at all, but about whether a woman should have insurance coverage for birth control. When you stop and think about it, it's incredible that this is an issue in 2012 Mother Jones May 22, 2012

Mother Mary? "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." Thank you, Mother Jones!  The living children about to be murdered in their mother's wombs are alive, until the Dowager Class gets more of its way with the help of sharks of the ACLU.

The ACLU's Alicia Gay warns that the "powerful lobbying arm of the Catholic Church" mistakenly claims that the HHS contraception mandate violates their religious liberty. ACLU February 2012

Is that a mistake Mother Mary Jones? 

“Injustice boils in men's hearts as does steel in its cauldron, ready to pour forth, white hot, in the fullness of time”

You got that right Mother Dear.

Mother Jones once said, " God Almighty made Women and the . . .( Rockefeller) gang of thieves made ladies.  These daughters of Rockefeller are Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry. They made Barack Obama President and his Government made war on Mother Jones as well as all of us Catholics. I agree with Mother Jones that "Movements to suppress wrongs can be carried out under the protection of the flag." I also believe that the current regime and its allies in the media alone decides who gets that protection and the Catholic Church does not fit the bill.

Mother Jones can be witnessed in the actions of the USCCB, Cardinal George, Cardinal Dolan and the Thomas More Society.
Mother Jones Rallied for Religious Liberty in most cities of America on June 8th, 2012.

Mother Jones would spit in the collective Progressive eyes - the lot of them. She was not a humanitarian; she was hell-raiser.  Watch some hell-raising from Catholics who read and remember.

In his eulogy, Father J. W. R. Maquire * said Jones would find miners living in tents, the serfs of coal companies and left them free and independent men. “Because of her great struggle for economic justice, she became a world figure.”
What seems left unsaid, is her great Catholic faith

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 **              Six Things Everyone Should Know About The HHS Mandate

February 6, 2012WASHINGTON— The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers the following clarifications regarding the Health and Human Services regulations on mandatory coverage of contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs.
1.The mandate does not exempt Catholic charities, schools, universities, or hospitals. These institutions are vital to the mission of the Church, but HHS does not deem them "religious employers" worthy of conscience protection, because they do not "serve primarily persons who share the[ir] religious tenets."HHS denies these organizations religious freedom precisely because their purpose is to serve the common good of society—a purpose that government should encourage, not punish.
2.The mandate forces these institutions and others, against their conscience, to pay for things they consider immoral. Under the mandate, the government forces religious insurers to write policies that violate their beliefs;forces religious employers and schools to sponsor and subsidize coverage that violates their beliefs; and forces religious employees and students to purchase coverage that violates their beliefs.
3.The mandate forces coverage of sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs and devices as well as contraception.   Though commonly called the "contraceptive mandate," HHS's mandate also forces employers to sponsor and subsidize coverage of sterilization.And by including all drugs approved by the FDA for use as contraceptives, the HHS mandate includes drugs that can induce abortion, such as "Ella," a close cousin of the abortion pill RU-486.
4.Catholics of all political persuasions are unified in their opposition to the mandateCatholics who have long supported this Administration and its healthcare policies have publicly criticized HHS's decision, including columnists E.J. Dionne. . . , Mark Shields. . . , and Michael Sean Winters. . . ; college presidents Father John Jenkins. . . and Arturo Chavez. . . ; and Daughter of Charity Sister Carol Keehan. . . , president and chief executive officer of the Catholic Health Association of the United States.
5.Many other religious and secular people and groups have spoken out strongly against the mandate. Many recognize this as an assault on the broader principle of religious liberty, even if they disagree with the Church on the underlying moral question.For example, Protestant Christian. . . , Orthodox Christian. . . , andOrthodox Jewish. . . groups--none of which oppose contraception--have issued statements against the HHS's decision.The Washington Post. . . , USA Today. . . , N.Y. Daily News. . . , Detroit News. . . , and other secular outlets, columnists. . . , andbloggers. . . have editorialized against it.6.The federal mandate is much stricter than existing state mandates. HHS chose the narrowest state-level religious exemption as the model for its own.That exemption was drafted by the ACLU and exists in only 3 states (New York, California, Oregon).Even without a religious exemption, religious employers can already avoid the contraceptive mandates in 28 states by self-insuring their prescription drug coverage, dropping that coverage altogether, or opting for regulation under a federal law (ERISA) that pre-empts state law.The HHS mandate closes off all these avenues of relief.
Additional information on the U.S. Catholic bishops’ stance on religious liberty, conscience protection and the HHS ruling regarding mandatory coverage of contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs is available at religious freedom, freedom of conscience, Catholic charities, hospitals, schools, universities, religious employers, mandatory coverage, contraceptives, abortion, sterilization, HHS mandate, health care policies, religious exemption
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