Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leo High School - Incubator of Wit


Tully eloquent in his glozes, yet vainglorious: Solomon wise, yet too wanton: David holy but yet an homicide: none more witty than Euphues, yet at the first none more wicked. The freshest colors soonest fade, the teenest razor soonest turneth his edge, the finest cloth is soonest eaten with moths, and the cambric sooner stained than the coarse canvas: which appeared well in this Euphues, whose wit being like wax apt to receive any impression, and having the bridle in his own hands, either to use the rein or the spur, disdaining counsel, leaving his country, loathing his old acquaintance, thought either by wit to obtain some conquest, or by shame to abide some conflict, and leaving the rule of reason, rashly ran unto destruction. Who preferring fancy before friends, and his present humor, before honor to come, laid reason in water being too salt for his taste, and followed unbridled affection, most pleasant for his tooth. When parents have more care how to leave their children wealthy than wise, and are more desirous to have them maintain the name, than the nature of a gentleman: when they put gold into the hands of youth, where they should put a rod under their girdle, when instead of awe they make them past grace, and leave them rich executors of goods, and poor executors of godliness, then it is no marvel, that the son being left rich by his father's will, become retchless by his own will. John Lyly:1579 

I had occasion to quaff coffee with men of wit once again.  Nowhere on earth, it seems to me anyway, is there a habitat of the humanities so plush in periphrase, euphuistic circumanbages, prolixities, and piles of pleonasms as my south side Chicago neighborhood.  There be no terse Terrences on these Elysian urban arteries.

This is no home to thin and tight lip-ed cut-to-the-chasing merchant-pettifogers and gowned charlatans, who see time as money and words get in the way of both.  Hyde Park and Evanston stamp worth with coin in thy purse Puritanism and unitarian ambiguity of sound and sense.  Our rhetorical umbilical chords extend to Hibernian, Caledonian, Carpathian and Parnassan springs of generously honey'd word-waters.

In short, the guys can gab.

Of this breed of wags, none stands taller than a Leo High School Alumnus.  I say this with all requisite due diligence as to my attachment vocational to this academy of Faith, Scholarship and Deeds. Though I am an employee of this brainery of brawny stalwarts, I am not one myself.  I graduated from the now only remembered Little Flower High School.

I coffee at Dunkin Donuts operated by Moroccan born Kareem and attended by alumni of every Catholic parish and high school south of Madison Avenue with the odd sprinkling of Los Nortenos de Chicago, with an august parliament of worthies.  I was asked about enrollment for the coming school year and happily reported on the swelled ranks of young Lions, including seven young men from St. Gabriel's parish in Canaryville.

This segue'd to the looming Chicago Public Schools job action -voted on and set for strike.  I was told that marketing opportunities abound and all we needed was a snappy slogan.  A shower of shibboleths followed, all identifying rich niche tags; thus, Leo High School -Expect to Succeed & etc.

A Leo Man, Mike Regan '70,  stood tall and voiced the truth honeyed with periphrase, genius, wisdom and truth.

Leo High School - A success story from one end of the bar to the other!

Mike Regan, Citizens!  Un homme qui offre toujours le meilleur mot sur ​​n'importe quel objet donner!

Hey, that Motts Juice is mighty tasty!

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