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Beverly Ranks # 7 in Chicago Extra Marital Affairs - I Did 257 Sit-ups After a Milano's Stuffed Pizza

Huffington Post is the Hollywood Squares of American Journalism. Founded by a serial savings stalker Arianna "The Helenic Beard" Huffington*, this website is a howl.

Huffington Post, from the get-go, is home to columns written by Hollywood has-beens (Steve Webber - Remember the show Wings?  Me Either) and never weres, as well as convicted check-kiting activists ( Bob Creamer - other half of Jan Schakowsky) and serial nut bags like NATO Riot CEO Andy Thayer.

Huffington Post is Left-Leaning in the same way that Michael Moore enjoys an occasional snack. The sole point of view is secularist, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Christian, Anti- Israel, Gay Fabulous, Anti-Cop and Anti-Factual.

Today's ranking of Chicago neighborhoods afflicted with Martial Infidelity is Mono Racial - whitey cheats; but of course!  The demographic for infidelity is based upon vocations identified with the church going breeders of pale color.  African Americans and Hispanics do not engage in marital infidelity. Evidently Chicago's Minority Communities have a racist neglect of Ashley Madison ( source of the study) products and services**

This headlined offering in today's Huffington Post Chicago Edition is Chicago's Cheating Neighborhoods, including comfortable suburbs as Chicago Neighborhoods - e.g. Naperville and Arlington Heights.

This article functions in support of Illinois and National Gay Marriage.  The meme is Marriage is a failure anyway; therefore allow homosexual holy wedlock.  The argument for Gay Marriage is a civil right. The meme merely is an adjunct to the argument. Both are equally silly.

More than silly is the listing of white middle class neighborhoods as the sole centers of sin.

The best is the seventh place ranking of Beverly as a Hot-tub Hootenanny.  Beverly the 19th Ward ranks behind Armour Square and above Naperville?  Naperville in the Hood? Armour Square is the neighborhood on the north end of Sox Park and dominated at one time by Italian Catholics and now Yuppies.  Beverly is the east end of Chicago's Irish Catholic tribes - Beverly is often called merely the 19th Ward.

Is there marital infidelity?  Could be.  Everything else is a matter of public discussion, commentary and moral pillory. All very veriable and accurate mind you.
  • Hickey tossed left overs in the Blue Containers
  • Hickey never waters his damn grass and says that it is 'God's Job'
  • Hickey went to County Fair three times for Greek Yogurt Tom Baffes told me
  • Hickey grabbed six calendars at Sacred Heart on Sunday . . .great stocking stuffers and graduation gifts from that mope
  • Hickey's lights were in until three AM. Great, another novel no one reads
  • Hickey ran his air conditioner on Earth Day
Not only those nuggets of public interest, but also considerations of personal history linked to fashion.

  • He was wearing a Leo Track Championship T-Shirt while he was trying to pick-up tree branches and ended up kicking them into a pile; then he kicked the pile to alley sort of.
  • He was wearing shorts. My God!!!  His legs look like beached Belugas
Matters of the Heart

  • How can that elegant and beautiful woman be seen in public with that sarcastic gargoyle?
  • She must be doing penance . . .for Cleveland.
Thus, if one were to violate the sanctity of Marital Bliss we would hear about it . . .in thunder.

Logically, it does not get off the ground let alone fly. Beverly, Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood often mistaken holistically for Beverly is a breeding ground of Catholics Breeders -anathema to secularist Progressive.  I can not walk from my house to the bus stop on 108th & Western in under fifteen minutes, due to the tangle of toys, tricycles, and playhouses between Maplewood, Campbell and Artesian Streets to Western Avenue.  Twenty minutes of veering hopping, climbing and stumbling over Barbies, mitts, bats, tiny flip flops and miniature Mount Carmel sportswear.

Families number anywhere between five ( Mom/Dad -three offspring) and nine or better.  Given the time and care and attention required for each child ( Irish step Dance, ballet, T-ball, softball, swimming, soccer, Beverly Arts Center classes, Park Day Camps, parish youth groups), hours at labor and minutes home for meals, a sexual athlete un-bothered by conscience and conviction would be very hard pressed to find time, let alone energy to engage in extra marital escapades.

More so, one can not get away with even the slightest deviation from public truth in this tribal priest ridden environment.  South siders are everywhere and even the slightest embellishment of fact by one foolish enough to pad the old  curriculum vita - showers of invective and maledictions would pour forth from all and sundry.

Witness - a poor slob who never played a down of football might suggest that he 'played a little ball in high school' anywhere but in this neighborhood.  The outcry here would be . 'Yeah, and then you picked up the metal caltraps to see how many you could scoop up on each bounce.'

If extra marital cheating goes on in Beverly it is public knowlege broadcast from Dan Ryan Woods to Beverly Woods lounge, from the Rock Island Metra Line to Galloway's Drafty City.

Hey, You hear that Dash Riprock who's got the dump on Hoyne is trying to crack Maeve Fitz-Derrier-Winphrey's britches whose married to Tag UrFaqued?

Yeah, Father Ed told me over by White Hen. Tag is cool with it as he thinks Dash has Low T and ED and STDs anyway.  Saves on meals out.

Ridicule is healthy as it keeps one relatively honest.

People who write for Arianna Huffington don't get ridiculed and would know HONEST if it jumped up and bit them on the ass.

*Michael Huffington (born September 3, 1947) is an American politicianbisexualactivist, and film producer. He was a member of the Republican Party, and a member of the United States House of Representatives for one term, 1993–1995, from California. Huffington was married to Arianna Huffington, the Greek-born co-founder of The Huffington Post, from 1986 to 1997.On April 12, 1986 Huffington married Arianna Stassinopoulos, a Greek-born writer and lecturer.] They were married until 1997.In 1998 Huffington disclosed that he is bisexual.

**Story sent by Brandi, from Minneapolis MNHi John, my name is Brandi and I thought it would be cool to give my opinion regarding this so hated/loved website. Let me tell you AshleyMadison worked for me and I am going to tell you how exactly AshleyMadison works for female members. I signed up about 2 months ago and even before I posted a picture of me I was already receiving ridiculous amounts of messages. All I had on my profile was a brief description of my situation and what I was looking for in an affair, which was pretty standard, I was looking to have a discreet affair. Now let me explain how this felt for me, within minutes from signing up I was receiving so many messages that I could barely keep up with responding and replying. Now you people can say AshleyMadison is a scam and that profiles are false. That I cannot guarantee in any way, but one thing I can tell you, there are real women on the site, and just like men they are looking to have an affair. For a woman the feeling you get on the website is completely different and somewhat overwhelming. I had numerous coffee dates with different men who were in my same situation and who wanted discretion as much as I did. Needless to say, so far Ashley Madison has been a lot of fun, and I have met some very cool men. I have yet to find my perfect affair, since none of the men I have contacted or met quite wanted a long term thing, all they wanted was a one night stand. Now I am looking for a long term affair.
And please men, when sending messages start reading profiles, there is no worst turn off than a person that does not even take the time to read a woman’s profile. I understand we are all looking to have a discreet affair, but please read what the other person is exactly looking so that there is no need to have endless conversations that lead nowhere. If you ever wanna find me on AshleyMadison my username is HICKEYROCKSOURWORLD GIRSL! (I have obscured the nickname to protect the user) I hope you have lots of affairs.
Mine are my own affairs, except my past dalliances from the now gone Martinique's Drury Lane Theatre with Elke Sommer, Vicky Carr, Tina Louise, Nancy Kwan and Joan Collins in my late teens and twenties. Merry hearted boys make the best of old men. Yes, I remember it well! Torrid kisses and Slim Jim Dinners at Panos Lounge and a quick drive to the Pocannos in Oak Lawn. I sure liked them older chippies.


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