Monday, June 11, 2012

The Hickey Challenge - Argue with This!

Each human being has right to personal opinion.  No man has sole ownership of Truth.  Facts can be troubling things:

I feel twenty years younger!  Then I climb the stairs at Leo.  People value my opinion, in the same way one turns to cannibalism when their plane crashes in the Andes, enjoy three hour hospital visits from septuagenarian Blue Army of Mary Captain Maiden Aunt Gert every day, while trying to heal in a full body cast.

I have been told,

"You're full of #$%^!" - Mayhaps.
         " You think alot of yourself" If not me, whom? You'm? Think again.
" You're out of your depth!" - Nevertheless, I tread like Michael Flatley dropped in the Marianas Trench
" You're a hack!"  - Only when Mammon tickles my hollow palm

Acknowledging my all-too-human demerits, Argue with this!

Yet again, I posit!

Quod Erat Demonstrandum!

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