Thursday, June 07, 2012

Why Vie, Guy? Fie! Cops Got Authoritie!, Know Why? Try

Gary, a current guest of CPD, has a noggin on him like a Weber Kettle
Gary C. Wagaman / Photo provided by Chicago police.  
The Chicago Sun Times is blessed with very fine reporters. Goofs on the editorial board to be sure and more than a fistful of fatuous ninies spinning columns, but the reports are the silk!

Whoever covered the protest arrests of Occupy kittens and the skillet tossing goof above in the photo - looks like an a escapee from a Campbell's Soup Kids audition, young Trotsky be - my compliments.

In this particular story,the unnamed  reporter captured the pretentious pleonasms and skewed rhetoric infecting the speech patterns of children from Evanston's Public schools - home to its Classic Comics Curricula.

Five Chicago Police Officers were injured in a post-NATO encounter with America's VISA/Mastercard & bail -ready armed youth.

A kid with a head the size of Weber Kettle, to quote Terry McEldowney, tossed a frying pan at a police officer.Arrests were made.DHAN- DUn Dun -Dhan-Duh -Dun-Dhahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  ( think Jack Webb)

Chicago Police arrest people who violate the laws and ordinances of City of Chicago in order to Serve and Protect.

An Evanston educated youth offered this brutal assessment -“We were vying for the street when they started pushing us over the curb and pushing us down,” said Daniel Goering, 18, of Evanston. “Arrests started happening and everything got tense." Daniel Goering, 18 of Evanston.

"We were vying for the street" - We?  Occupiers?  Occupiers and Police Together?  

"WHEN THEY started pushing us over the curb and pushing us down" - Please do vizualize this epic cascade of young, vigorous and earnest Urban Mutineers being forced by phalanx of Chicago Centurions over and down the standard 6" of a Chicago curb*. The Horror!!!!!!!

"Arrests started happening. . ."  Is there no limit to the instrusion of Passive Voice in PC Evanston?????? . . .and everything got tense."

Got?  Nemo dat what you ain't got there, Danny Boy! Am I given to understand that "things" only were tense, once arrests were made, or had there been some element of tension during the VIE for the street. FVI -Nemo dat Quod Non Habet - One can not give what one does not possess.

Vie is a Old French in its etymology ( where words got started for Evanstonians) and means to invite.Now it means to compete in a fair and friendly competition.  

The Chicago Sun Times reporter fully understood the inarticulate Mr. Goering and "quoted his vying" words and meaning.

I am never bored.

*In Chicago, the standard curb and gutter used is the BV.12 (Type 3 Curb), a variation on 
a common B6.12 curb and gutter design used in Illinois.  The design provides a variable 
height barrier curb between 3 inches and 9 inches, as opposed to a constant 6-inch curb 
height, with a 12-inch gutter flag.  The width of the top of curb is 0.5 feet for planning 

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