Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Time with Rip Pecatonica: Recall Scott Walker? Nope, Can't Say I Do.

Russell Issac "Rip" Pecatonica of Moscow, WI was in Chicago last week.  Rip P runs the Happy Viking Lounge in Blanchardville just south of Moscow in Iowa County and west of New Glarus in Green County all tangled up in Rts. 39, 78 and bunch of Fs, Js, Ks and Ms. The Happy Viking Lounge is more of a bar and much less of a lounge as there are no tables other than shuffle board and pool and no booth other than phone.

You can get your deer processed by any number of habitues of The Happy Viking.  The Swiss Pabst quaffers outnumber the Swedes and most Happy Vikings have more Native American Indian blood coursing through their veins than 32 Elizabeth Warrens.  Rip, as his surname proclaims, is,  a scion of the Algonquin tribe - attributed to the cognomen Bekaaniba or "Slow Water". I got to know Rip during my frequent visits to The Happy Viking as part of my fistful of annual peeks beneath The Cheddar Curtain.

I met Rip in the Loop while he was on a purchase of bar equipment.  I found my contemporary mixed-breed Swiss/Injun Packer Fan on the corner of Jackson and Franklin with his neck craned back and taking in a full view of Chicago's Own 2001 black obelisk structure intruding the heavens, " Dat's one Serious Tower, dere Hickey."

No, Rip. that is no longer Sears Tower, but Willis Tower.

"Didn' day Sears, said  SIRIUS!  Big!"

I agreed but offered to moderate his observation to the more accurate -Tall.

"Big too."

That it is.  With that proportional debate settled we walked to Lou Mitchell's for coffee. As my Badger State boon-chum and master tap-tun was available, I asked about today's political focus.

Rip, will you recall Walker?



"On if he done something for me."

Has He?

" When?"

In this past year or so.

"Can't say as I recall"

Will Walker be recalled next Tuesday,? I asked peremptorily I hoped.

" If he done something."  Hopes dashed.

For the State of Wisconsin?

" For anything and anywhere"

Will you recall Walker?

" Depends."

Have you voted already?

Yes. Month back

How did you vote, Rip


By what method?


For whom did you vote?

" The ones running."


"Which one"

Scott Walker.

"Can't recall. 'S a month back. Pricey coffee down here."

On me, RIP.  And do take the powered donut holes with you.

"Ahead of you!"


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