Friday, June 22, 2012

Shame Tossed Under the Bus


 Modern Dialogue
 Stop listening to instruction, my son, and you will stray from the words of knowledge - Proverbs 19:26
Son - Yeah, I know. It's cool.
Darwin studied shame and its affects in human beings.There is a collective phenomenon -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Man blushes and needs to -as Mark Twain noted.

Adam and Eve lived without shame, until they turned away from God's command " Yuck it up, but stay away from the stuff on the Tree."

The happy couple were buck-assed naked and shame entered the human yarn.  I am ashamed of some things and have tried to atone for those actions.  Shame is the reminder to me that planets do not swirl about me in particular.

I attended a recent dinner at Beverly Woods given by the Alumni. I was wearing a Leo Wind-jacket, khakis and tennis shoes.  I was ashamed of my dress when I realized that this was a business casual deal and not a meeting at Father Perez Knights of Columbus. Bob Hylard '44 wore a sport coat, as did many others.  I looked like I just washed the Malibu. Jerk.

Shame is a gift.  Shame is a way back and better road.  We need to recognize shame for what it is - a signal that something is wrong and we could do something about it. Shame is a head's up - the engine warning light on our dash board.

Shame is being murdered in this Secular, Progressive and Shameless (SPC)culture .Here is a group of healthy, well-fed, clothed and entitled public school children who have soaked up oceans of  SPS Self-esteem:

These youngsters sure learned to combat obesity at school - lessons learned.  Rotten little bastards.

I am ashamed to be breathing the same air as these kids.    They are ignorant children, and the ignorant serve cruel masters.  These kids learned to treat people the way they have treated a widowed grandmother who is serving them - at home, in school, on cable, over the internet, wireless, IPad, or whatever.  Karen is not on Jersey Shore. She is on school bus and working for minimum wage. Shame on her?  Loser! Fat! Old! Poor! No I-Pod, No WI-FI, No reality show.

Kids are modeled on slackers, sluts and sneaks.  This horrific incident did not happen in a vaccum. This is the fruit of SPS self-esteem, PC, Diversity matters, Let's Move! education.  No sin, no sweat.

Children are taught to scorn virtue, courage, responsibility and respect in favor of political correctness, diversity and getting by.

Heroes are erased from the curriculum and pale lifeless secondary examples inflated to Olympic consequence - Shakespeare is bad and Alice Walker says it all; Booker T.. Washington is mocked and WEB DuBois considered a man of consequence; promiscuity is healthy and condoms are free,

Our culture demands no God, no sin, no accounatbility and no shame which goes very far in explaining the success and visibility of Abortion, Bill Maher, Dan Savage, Rose Ann Barr, the Kardashians, John Edwards, ACLU, Jerry Sandusky, MSNBC,   the IVY League and lesser lights, Public Education and Planned Parenthood. Most of all the abscense of shame explains the kids on the bus.

That little incident on the bus in NY State is our societal warning light.  Start over.  Send kids to Catholic School, Independent Schools that honor Virtue, Achievement, Patriotism, Honor and Personal Integrity, or home school them. It will be a start.

 Shame can be a path virtue.


MacH said...

Looking for a way to contact Pat; no clue except maybe to comment on one of his blog entries.

Pat, do you happen to know which issue of Reader's Digest had an article on Obama back in the mid 1990's? That was when I first saw his name, and it really stuck with me - both for the unusual name, and the suggestion that someone I had never heard of before stood a good chance of being president some day. I'd really like to know who wrote that article; what publication it was in originally.

pathickey said...

Sorry Mac. No help on that one.