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Marilyn Katz, PR Maven for Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Says "Violence is Bad"

The septuagenarian PR Maven, Marilyn Katz, graduated from the Weather Underground, where she made 'nail bombs' in 1968 to toss at Police Officers, to Marxist Plutocrat via the Hyde Park Progressive Mensa Chapter ( Abner Mikva, Dr. Quentin Young, Studs Terkel, Dawn Clark Netsch, Barbara Flynn-Curry, Dick Simpson et al,).  Regl'r Demacrat Ward cynics accepted the Progressive sunshine blown up their kilts and the wildly tax-wasted lucrative contracts for the likes of Marilyn Katz - politically sanitized, n'cest pas, and our endless cavalcade of Progressive dopes who now swell the ranks of Chicago, Cook County and State of Illinois and Federal elected officials - Forrest Claypool, Joe Moore, Deb Shore, Barack Obama, Pat Quinn. Toni Preckwinkle, Rahm Emanuel, Mike Quigley, the fatigued Jesse Jackson Junior and Illinois' MSNBC Congressional lunatic and Turkish spy Jan Schakowsky. La trahison des images!

Maryilyn Katz made her bones and nail bombs during Chicago's 1968 Convention and the subsequent Days of Rage with best buds -Billy Ayers, the Barney Google of Terror and his odious Old Lady - Bernadine Dohrn,  From Jane Byrne's tenure as mayor right up to Mayor Rahm 'Ceasefire, but Light a Jay' Emanuel.  The Hyde Park Mafia eclipsed the old Democratic Machine via 'Blue Ribbon' panels, University of Chicago studies, and the three decades long war on our Justice System by the Peoples Law Office and the less-lights of the Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Coalition.

From Goose Guts to Ganja and Abortion to Ambiguous Marriage. the Illinois Progressive Power is taller than black Willis and more visible than Gangbangers on 79th Street.

Marilyn Katz did the PR work. It's here in bullet points: 

  • We believe public relations is a complex activity.
  •   PR is a broad-based strategic activity that goes far beyond interaction with the media, involving the use of organizational, political, and marketing skills to influence targeted audiences to change behavior or opinions.
  • We believe in the power of collaboration.
  •  We PR is an integral part of an institution’s organizational strategy, and that PR counsel should help in developing not only marketing campaigns, events and speeches, but also legislative campaigns, program development, community outreach strategies, etc.
  • We believe every client is unique.
  •  We practice individualized client services that reflect the entirety of our client. Our firm’s work does not begin at the media plan, but at the heart of the organization, garnering an understanding of our client’s goals and objectives and creating an appropriate public relations strategy.
  • We believe in information.
  •   We think that public relations work is best done when we have more access to information and people, not less.  We can serve you most effectively when we are included in the initial stages of planning and decision-making, to effectively create and seize maximum public relations opportunities.
  • We believe in developing relationships. 
  •  Our job as communicators goes beyond issuing news release and organizing events. We position our clients as experts who the media and opinion-makers will call upon to comment on the critical issues of the day.  Where appropriate, we aim to involve our clients in relevant emerging public debates that arise in the course of public life.
  • We believe in conserving and making efficient use of our clients’ resources.
  •   We enhance the value and impact of costly paid media with creative earned media, editorial coverage and direct marketing whenever possible.  When we use paid media, we coordinate with direct marketing and free press activities to ensure the greatest leverage for our dollars and the greatest impact for our work.
  • We believe in communication.
  •  Open, unfettered communication between our firm and our clients is central to success.  While we keep track of all hours worked, we prefer a set monthly fee so that client/firm contact is not impeded by concern about the cost of individual contact or projects. ( emphases my own)
This old broad has clients!  Name a City, County or State agency and Marilyn Katz draws a "monthly fee so that client/firm contact is not impeded by concern about the cost of individual contact or projects." 

"You say, YOU want a Revolution? Sorry. already grabbed."

One of Marilyn's clients* is CeaseFire which just drew a million dollar lump from the City of Chicago.  Less than 48 hours after Mayor Rahm announced this Gangbanger 401 K give-away, the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board gave Marilyn a swell perch to PR it up!

Today, the Nail-Bomb Mouthpiece tells all and sundry that Violence in Chicago is bad. Who told you, Marilyn?  Pain hurts, I hate it too.  Death stings. Murder is homicide. Marilyn handles CeaseFire and also Community Action Policing (CAPS) and other costly sinecures. This is Progressive Slow Pitch:

Marilyn, approaches the mound; grabs the ball with the metaphorical nails knocked into it

  -On the surface what we know — from the early, successful days of community policing, from the massive study sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation on decreasing crime and from anti-violence groups like CeaseFire — is that success in reducing crime requires good police practices, the removal of places for crime and the fancy term "collective efficacy," meaning neighbors sharing a set of good values and watching out for one another.
It would mean understanding that the police alone will not solve the problem. It would mean empowering and involving ordinary citizens in block clubs, churches and school-parent groups to embrace the community challenge as their own and forbid criminal and violent activities in their households and on the blocks where they live.
Here Comes the wind-up!
It would mean embracing groups like CeaseFire, which with its unorthodox methods has demonstrated that it can interrupt the retaliatory behavior of youth violence and change a culture that too easily uses the death of one's opponent as the way to settle disputes and scores.
These steps, however effective in the past, fall short today. We have to take bolder steps.

And now, the Pitch!

Not only should we invest in helping at-risk youths overcome the impediments that discourage them from learning and achieving, we need to assure a path to a sustainable future. While Chicago-based corporate headquarters are nice and make us feel good about our city, we need to create the conditions for manufacturing jobs and other less lofty jobs that are attainable by our youth. We need to encourage small and big businesses to hire inner-city youth — using the many tax credits that are available to businesses that hire the long-term unemployed.

It is our collective responsibility ( You Pay!) to say we are willing and able to connect our young people to a life that puts them — and us — out of harm's way.

 Marilynn Katz has once again killed the batters, the catchers, the umpires and the fans is Screamin'!!!!!!!!!

Read Marilyn Katz's full-screed.  It is chock-full of references to her Clients: Ceasefire, CAPs and Alternative School Network - and cites the Progressive cash cow for implementing every God awful agenda that comes down the pike -MacArthur Foundation.

If it is costly, makes absolutely no common sense whatsoever, offends people, assaults Faith, divides races, or destroys community at the governmental level, Marilyn handles it 

If you ever need an answer to question - "How did this idiotic ordinance, program, or candidate come about?" refer to Marilyn Katz. This stuff doesn't come about by osmosis; it takes the media, the creeps, the crooks and the complicit working with Marilyn Katz.,0,5721163.story

* Marilyn's Ooodles of Boodle in "Monthly Payments"

Accountability Council of the Chicago Public School System
Alternative Schools Network
Amalgamated Transit Union
American Civil Liberties Union
Amnesty International
Ascendance Partners
Atrium Village*
Auditorium Theatre
Bank of America Illinois
Banner Property Management, LLC*
Bethel New Life, Inc.
Bracero Justice Project
Brinshore Development*
The Brookings Institution- Mayor Daley Tribute Video
Business and Professional People In the Public Interest
California Equity Fund
Case of Javier Torres and Jose Ramirez et al v Terry Goddard
CeaseFire - The Campaign to Stop the Shooting
Center for Community Progress*
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Center for New Community
CEOs for Cities
Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) 
Chicago Children’s Museum
The Chicago Conservation Center
Chicago Housing Authority*
Chicago Metropolitan Housing Development Corporation (CMHDC)
Chicago Mutual Housing Network
Chicago Neighborhood Initiative
Chicago Panel on Public School Finances
Chicago Park District
Chicago Teacher’s Housing Resource Center
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Women in Trades
Chicagoans Against War and Injustice
Citizens for David Orr
City Colleges of Chicago 
City of Chicago Central Area Circulator Project
City of Chicago Corporation Counsel
City of Chicago Department of Aviation
City of Chicago Department of Environment
City of Chicago Department of Housing
City of Chicago Department of Housing
City of Chicago Department of Housing Campaign to End Homelessness
City of Chicago Department of Human Services
City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development
City of Chicago Department of Public Health--Hepatitis Prevention Program
City of Chicago Department of Public Health--Syphilis Elimination Campaign
City of Chicago Department of Public Works
City of Chicago Department of Streets & Sanitation
City of Chicago Department of Streets & Sanitation
City of Chicago Mayor's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
City of Chicago Office of Special Events
City of East Chicago
City of Evanston
Coalition to Ban the Sale of Leaded Gas
Commission on the Future of Public Service
Committee to Elect Byrd Brown (Pittsburgh mayoral campaign Cook County Assessors’ Office)
Construction Industry Service – Corporation (CISCO)
Cook County Bureau of Health Services
Cook County Clerk’s Office
Cook County Democratic Women 
Cook County Department of Public Health – “Take it Outside” Campaign
Corporate Community School of America
Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)
Council for Community Based Development
Council for Illinois Nonprofit Organizations (CINO)
Crane Construction Co.
Crosstown Corridor Group
CSA Group
CSO Legal Services
CVS Pharmacies
David Kahn (attorney)
The Davis Group LLC
Davis, Miner, Barnhill, and Galland (Attorneys)
Day Care Action Council
Designs For Change (DFC)
District Council of Carpenters
Early Childhood Network
Empowerment Zone
Evergreen Towers
Find Your Place in Chicago*
Fred Gerhard (attorney and author)
Fried, Schegan & Associates (Iowa Riverboats)
Futterman and Howard (Attorneys)
Gessler, Hughes, & Socol, Ltd. (Attorneys)
Greenberg Traurig, LLP*
The Habitat Company
Harold Washington 1983-1987 Mayoral Campaign
Hispania Capitol Partners
Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
Hispanic Housing Development Corporation (HHDC)
Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
History Makers
Housing Abandonment Task Force
The Housing Agenda
Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym (Attorneys)
Human Rights Watch
Illinois Campaign for Choice
Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR)
Illinois Facilities Fund
Illinois Women's Agenda
In These Times (Newspaper)
James Alter (author)
The Jazz Institute
Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (JCUA)
Joan Kaplan (author)
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Joyce Foundation
Krasnow and Cohen, (Attorneys)
Lakefront Supportive Housing
LaSalle Bank
Latino Chicago
Leadership for Quality Education
Living Cities: The National Community Development Initiative
Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago (LISC Chicago)*
Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago (LISC National)
Mayor's Commission on Women's Affairs
McBride, Baker and Coles (Attorneys)
Metropolitan Tenants Organization
Midwest Gaming
Miller, Shakman, Hamilton & Kurtzon (Attorneys)
Modalisque Boutique, "Crimes of Fashion" Show
National Equity Fund (NEF)
National Railway Equipment Company (NREC)
Near North Development CorporationParsons
New Markets Tax Credit Coalition- NMTC 10th Anniversary Report*
New York Equity Fund (NYEF)
Northwestern Law School International Law Center
Oppenheimer Family Foundation*
Park National Bank
Perspectives Charter School
Peter Ascoli (author)
Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)*
Project Vote
Providence Effect
Public Safety Policy Project (Living Cities: The National Community Development Initiative)*
Related Midwest*
Residential La LR Development
Residential Land Fund I L.P.
Rush-Presbyterian Hospital
Rush-Presbyterian Hospital
RW Ventures
Sanctuary Townhomes Residents
Sandz Development/Webster Square*
Siemens Building Technologies
Small Schools Workshop
St. Edmund’s Redevelopment Corporation
State Senator Lloyd Doggett (Texas U.S. Senate campaign)
Statewide Housing Action Coalition (SHAC)
System of Care Chicago (SOC-C)
The Thrush Companies
Travelers and Immigrants Aid (TIA)
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Auto Workers, Local 719
University of Chicago
University of Chicago - Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP)
University of Chicago - Future of the City Event & Mayoral Forum

University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
University of Illinois at Chicago - Urban Education Leader Program
Voice of the People
Wall USA
The Woodstock Institute
Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago*
Youth Service Project, Inc

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