Friday, June 12, 2009

It Takes a Philly Lady Lawyer to School the Left -On Abortion! Christine Flowers, Esq.

Milky Matthew and Olberbloat have somersaulted and minced the murder of Abortionist Dr. Tiller for the gals at Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood wants women to kill their kids, but Old Maggie Sanger said that it was a great way to clear the path of ugly, wrong-race, dumb, and bothersome human beings. It's a Progressive thing.

Planned Parenhood has even tweaked the English language - abortion is now 'women's health.'

Planned Parenthood and its satellite loud-mouths demand that abortion continue.

I have yet to meet a self-labeled Progressive who was not at core a to-the-bone self-absorbed jerk. Especially with regards to abortion. Most people find killing a child at any stage in human development to be abhorrent. One of the best people I know, Christine Flowers, a lawyer in Philadelphia who has championed the unborn for years, writes a column for Philadelphia Daily News that smacks back at the Progressive group think in her neck of the woods. Planned Prenhood can not get to this smart, tough and centered woman!

In all the goofiness surrounding Dr. Tiller's murder by a a guy with more than a few bricks shy of load, we occasionally get a sound and thoughtful voice. MSNBC is working OT on this one. Goofball, Chris 'Milky' Matthews went so far as to link Sarah Palin to Tiller's murder and then stretched it out to the 88 year old anti-Semite Von Braun.

Tip O'Neill tolerated Matthews? Can't see that.

Yet, Ms. Flowers cuts deeply into the body of 'the facts' tossed by Matthews and other Agenda shills. This is an especially poignant cut from Christine Flowers' very sharp analysis of the Tiller milling:

The manipulation began the minute the news came out of Kansas. First was the nomenclature - the conspicuous absence of the word "abortionist." Tiller was described as an "abortion provider" (when he wasn't being canonized as a martyr). When is the last time a dentist was described as a "root-canal provider?" Or a cosmetic surgeon described as a "breast-enhancement provider"? Or a shrink as a "peace of mind provider"?

Apparently, "abortionist" still conjures up unsavory images of back alleys and bloody hangers, so the powers that be decided to sanitize the whole issue and present Tiller as the Albert Schweitzer of the (another great euphemism) "reproductive-health" movement.

Which brings me to the next bit of manipulation. Ignoring the fact that Tiller made a more than healthy living plying his trade, women's-rights activists waxed poetic about his "heroic" work on behalf of the most vulnerable.

Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood want them 'most vulnerable' dead.

Here is Philadelphia lawyer an columnist Christine Flowers:

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