Sunday, June 07, 2009

Why is America Behind Europe? We're Left Turn Yankee Rubes, I Reckon.

Parisian couture; Londoner Pukka Charm; Berliner Hegelian Weltqeist; Madrid Garbo; Roman Sprezztura and American Dog-Patch Day Late and Trillions of Dollars Short!

Them's Old Buildin's Ya Got Thar. Pope!

When a system or trend fails, give American Rubes a few decades and they'll follow them off the cliff.

The Rube-in-Chief, having underwhelmed President and Mrs. Sarkozy once again, will arrive back here in DogPatch to continue the steering of American life far away from the values that were honored on the Beaches of Normandy over the weekend.

Yep, time to get all Thorstein Veblen and John Dewey on the economy! Programs and Guv'mint Give-Aways, Neighbors!

While Europe moves away from Socialism, Yankee Rubes 'Folley The Prez'dint over the Cliff!

Lookee H'yar!

In some European countries, left-wing parties have failed to maintain a broad electoral base and ended up fractured and battling with one another. In Germany, the Social Democrats have suffered from a long-term decline that's linked to the decline in their unionized, working-class base, says Manfred Göllner, head of opinion-polling institute Forsa in Berlin.

Under former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder from 1998 to 2005, the party tried to win new, middle-class voters by marrying social justice with economic efficiency. But that fell apart when Mr. Schröder was forced to cut social spending to bring budget deficits under control at a time of record unemployment. The result: The party split, with dissidents defecting to help form a new, anti-capitalist party called "The Left" in 2007.

In some countries, the left has disintegrated into a myriad of groups. There have been so many defections from France's Socialist Party that the country now has half-a-dozen left-leaning movements. They include the New Anti-Capitalist Party, a Trotskyite movement, and the Left Front, an alliance of Communists and Communist-leaning politicians. The Socialist Party is divided over whether it should tie up with the Greens or with the MoDem, a center-right movement.

Italy's left has never quite recovered from the fall, in early 2008, of a government supported by a tenuous coalition of nine separate left-leaning movements ranging from Catholics to hard-core communists. Now, most don't believe the left will be a credible alternative to scandal-plagued Silvio Berlusconi's center-right coalition for years to come.

Yep. Georgie Soros is one -a -them You're A Pee-ins and he's bank-rolled the Rube-in-Chief!

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