Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ron Gidwitz for Governor and Paul Vallas, Lt. Governor - That's The Ticket!

Gidwitz/Vallas Ticket Equals GOP Victory for Governor!

Paul Vallas should avoid the Cook County President Race like a drunken blind date with a festering cold sore. The Cook County mess needs to be cleaned up by the boys and girls who created the mess – if that means the power suits who foisted Todd Stroger upon us, then so be it Dudes – back Todd again! Let Buzz Saw Tony Peraica gut whomever he needs to win the big chair that Todd Stroger dangles his feet high over the carpet in the County Board Hearing Room.

Paul Vallas was long gone and away from the world created by Forrest Claypool, Mike Quigley, Bobbie Steele, and Tony Peraica. Stay clear of this one, Paul. Get your feet wet as a campaigner. You could use a little seasoning on that dish, as you have been in appointed positions for years. Sadly, you lost your first campaign and the Stigma of Loser is wrongly tagged on you. Illinois was the real loser when Blagojevich squeaked out a Primary win. The too cute by half Democrats in the positions of Ward power, with exception of the Joyces and the Sheehans, posted with Blago. So noted.

Do not go top ticket. You are young. You have plenty of time. Ron Gidwitz will make a fine Governor and so will you in a few years.

Do not allow yourself to be used by the race baiting clowns. Leave that to goofs who use that like a calling card and toss out the word ‘Bosses’ every other noun.

Paul Vallas, come home. Come home to Illinois and work with Ron Gidwitz as Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. Talk about a dream team.

Both gentlemen would give the GOP a genuine opportunity to actually win the Governorship. Both gentlemen would provide Illinois tax-payers with career waste-cutters from the private and the public sectors.

Neither man is a back-slapping lout, like the two term former Governor of Illinois who sent his poor bride and mother of his children to Costa Rica to eat tarantulas and hang out with an unwashed Baldwin.

Neither man is a pay-to-play Alumnus.

Neither man is self-serving Machiavellian stooge for any interest.

Ron Gidwitz and Paul Vallas would not only be a dream team for the GOP but for Illinois. The trick will be getting the Illinois GOP interested in actually winning something.

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Anonymous said...

Neither man is a pay-to-play Alumnus.

Neither man is self-serving Machiavellian stooge for any interest.

Great but guess what

Neither man is a Republican