Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mark Brown Decries His Own Column - We're Way Ahead of You, Mark! Cops Are Not Judged by Columinists

I'm Mark Brown. I do what I do! That's me. This is how I look. Pretty Good?

I'll probably catch hell for linking these two events together -- the cowardly Abbate with the heroic Valadez -- but I don't really see how we can separate them entirely. . . . The importance of an Anthony Abbate is that his case shows how easy it is for one policeman to bring discredit to his fellow officers, even detracting from the ultimate sacrifice of an Alejandro Valadez.

Mark Brown 'must' link the death of Officer Valadez to the thug Anthony Abbate. He Must!

There is only one reason columnists like Mark Brown take pimp slaps at Police Officers, they know that they will not face any criticism or suffer any consequences in so doing. Mark Brown and too many others helped build the Thug Comfort Zone here in Chicago.

Like the old adage, that questions why Fido gratifies himself - 'because he can.'

The Media, as opposed to newspaper reporters, like Ray Coffey and John Drummond, use police misconduct to undermine any and all confidence in Law Enforcement. They play Identity Politics and Advocacy Journalism. The Sun Times is wheezing its way into oblivion, hoping against hope to become a Government Agency, like Chrysler, GM, and the American Banking Industry. It may happen.

Then, would be Zolas could become Later Day Goebbels Lites.

It is typical, but still sickening that when a Police Officer is murdered in the line of Duty, a hack like Brown would push the agenda.

Mark obeys his highers and betters. He stays supine when told to lay down. Like when there is another CPS News embargo on 'bad situations.' Like this one -

A riot took place at Simeon High School during a ComEd power grid failure two weeks ago. Gangbangers rioted in the school and out into the community form 83rd Street to 79th Street. Police Officers quieted the riot without a death or serious injury to the 'the children.' Mark Brown had his head somewhere else, when Police Oficers were doing exactly what they do every day here in Auburn/Gresham/Brainerd/Englewood and Chatham.

Ask a cop from the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 22nd District - they responded to the riot. I don't need to; I saw it. We got the kids of Leo High School home and safe without incident because of Chicago Police standard operating procedures. When the lights went out at Simeon, however . . .hold the phone.

Mark Brown's head is firmly stuck where he wants it to be - nice view I guess.

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