Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Greaser Anthem - For the Line Dancing.

The National Coalition to Stop the War was a multi-faced coalition - nay a Rainbow -of essentially the very same dweebs and victims ( Yppies, Diggers, SDS, Al Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, The Seven! et al. ) playing at tough guy and being fully surprised by the similar outcomes incumbent upon playing the fool.

"My Gawd, How can you say that, Hickey? You unfeeling Nazi .......but, They were sooooo Committed!!!"

I dunno. Just do.

The 1968 Democratic Convention has spawned more 'committed participants who were there, Man' than even Woodstock. Belying the fact that far fewer than 6,000 showed up in Grant Park.

Police Riot? well, if convicted ex-felon and former Governor Dan Walker says so . . . Nah. Goofs went too far and got a tune-up.

The same Dweeb/Victims got a rump-thumping from Italian young men, the 69th Street Loafers, some days prior to the Convention and again by Chicago Police Officers.

Later, the same knuckleheads with rich Mommies and Daddies went all commitment in Old Town ( the Days of Rage) and a year later when rioters tore up Balboa when Sly Stone failed to show up at the Grant Park Band shell.

After that . . .the commitment seemed to die. The Theatre continued through the 1970's with the Trial of the Seven and the rest is . . .ludicrous.

Don Rose brought Happy Days back this week. Progressives get more mileage out of nothing - why does this great Nation have an energy crisis with all the methane fired out by Dweebs and Victims yet.

Whine on, Oh Happy Worriers!

For the line dancing I have chosen a very swell and little played ditty by an Arc-Greaser! Eddie Cochran!

Click my post title for a Chicago Greaser Coalition anthem - it's something else.


BillyFish said...

From Fark
The 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the US. If you guessed "Chicago" you're right...five times.

Barry did such a great job organizing these neighborhoods. We made him Prez!

BillyFish said...

Oh Rural Decay has got me feeling this way,

Of the politicians we can't trust

Promises broken the false words that they've spoken

They don't give a shit about us

From the crowded capital

To our own county hall

They're giving our country away

It's progress they say and this is the new way

And you'll have to just trust us...


BillyFish said...

It should read. Oh moral decay, not Oh Rural Decay. That is what happens when you get lazy. Copying from another fans site. I am not knocking the guy. We Flogging Molly fans can tip too many back.