Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NLRB on Charters -'Bump in the Road' for SEIU Should Mean Smooth Sailing for Charter Education U.S.A.

H/T to Progress Illinois ( SEIU's Intranet Comic Book, or is it Graphic Novel?)

Looks like the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)put a knot in SEIU's undies. The NLRB accepted the Civitas (Education Management Organization) for Interntional Charter Schools position that as a for-profit, private entity Public School Rules do not necessarily fit. Right here, in Illinois, there's trouble for the feebs in sheep-skin clothing, attempting to snare Charter Education Reform away from the tax payers of Illinois. Well, Lord save us from all harm and phonies!

SEIU and Marilyn Stewart's attempt to sneak one past the people who actually want Education Reform has hit a 'bump in the road.' Let's hope that it is a very long trip back to the pavement . . .about eighty years or so.

Thus,"The national board determined that the teachers are employees of a private firm, the Civitas educational management company, not public employees who would be governed by the state labor board.

As a practical matter, the ruling means that the teachers will have to vote in a secret ballot on whether they want to unionize."

Therefore, The SEIU/Chicago Teachers Union(CTU) may not pave over Reform in Education -just this yet.


Tough week tootsies! Taxpayers have had enough of the whining and NL(that's Labor, girls)RB ruled for real people. AND!!!!! They(Illinois Legislature)created double the number of Charters Available! That's gotta hurt the Halt, Lame and Lazy!

Back to the Barricades, Baristas!

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