Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mr. President - Lecture Them Swedish Grannies on DuSable Gun Violence! Soaring Thigh Tingling Rhetoric Needed a Few Blocks West of Hyde Park

The president is scheduled to return to the U.S. tomorrow while his family will stay on in Paris, according to the White House.

On his fourth trip abroad as president, Obama visited Saudi Arabia, where he spent more than three hours meeting with King Abdullah; Cairo, where he conferred with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; and Dresden, where he held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The midday gunfire drew a sharp reaction from Police Supt. Jody Weis.

The shooter "engages two targets, runs down the street, almost at high noon, shooting at them," Weis said. "He gets in a car and drives away. This is not the wild, wild West. This is Chicago. ... We've got to get some sort of peace back to the streets here."

Shucks, Jody, 'The Shooter' is quite comfortable zinging out the 9s and 4/5s! Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone.

Maybe the President can offer a lecture. CPD Superintendent Jody Weis is only saying what every one knows.

However, the Media Morons will call for Marches and American Flag Desecration's and More Gun Laws!!!!

Perhaps, a Presidential soaring, thigh tingling rhetoric, stern yet Pragmatic Lecture directed at 90 year old Swedish women about their complicity in America's Gun Violence will help. After all, what have Swedish Grannies actually done to curb the gun violence in America's inner cities? Zippo!

Comb-Over Dave Axelrod can get this Whirly-Gig a-Going! Have Senators Burris and Dithering Dick Durbin flank you and the trusty teleprompter.

Let's see - January 20, 2009 and President Shovel Ready, or is that Shuttle Ready. Four trips outside the USA and America's economy is rapidly becoming a branch of Government, takes fistful trips to Asia, Central America & Mexico, the Middle East and Europe ( not to mention cheap date night). One Hundred Days and Change. Seems longer.

Candidate Obama lectured America on Race, in order to explain twenty years of soaking up Pastor Wright's message.

President Obama lectured Catholics on their inability to understand his career of service to Planned Parenthood at the PR Driven School in Indiana.

President Obama lectured Corporate America on using the company motor pool for fun.

President Obama lectured North Korea on . . . what was it again?

President Obama lectured Islam on Our Founding Imams and America's Muslim roots.

How about a lecture to 90 year Old Swedish Grandma's on the Thug Comfort Zones in America's cities?

President Obama might want to stay home for a few days. Bring MSNBC whole cavalcade of goof-balls; bring the White House Press Corps for burgers and Leinies at Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap, prior to the Lecture on the Steps of DuSable. The President could lecture and soar some rhetoric a few blocks west of Hyde Park and keep Air Force One running at O'Hare.

DuSable High School was the scene of another CPS-Proximity Homicide. Remember, Chicago, the 19 year old victim was 'NOT a CPS student.' Heavens, do remember that!

Perhaps a Media Junket to Chicago's Homicide & Thug Comfort Zones ( Englewood, Gresham & etc.) might be just the ticket for President Obama to make a dramatic impact and change the hearts here at home.

Mr. President, turn that soaring and thigh-tingling rhetoric on them Swedish Grannies - they might respond better than Catholics and Kim Jong Il.


Tamara N. Holder said...

Why else would Obama be taking those Air Force One fly-over-NYC pics other than to show that that puppy can fly all over the world. Shoot, he's a WORLD leader now. Gotta go make peace overseas then at home. Isn't that how it should work?! That's what I was always taught first...clean up someone else's mess before you clean up your own. Right?

WHAT A JOKE! A sad terrible joke...too many innocent victims killed on our streets.

BillyFish said...

The one thing nobody has picked up on. Michelle NEVER goes to Saudi Arabia with him. Sharia law!!!!!

pathickey said...

Astute, as always, William !