Friday, June 05, 2009

Tamara Holder on Patti Blagojevich - Diary of a Housewife Married to the Mad-Hatter

Chicago attorney Tamara Holder has an interesting take on Patti Blagojevich:

A good wife sticks by her man's side. Shoot, many women bounce after their husband's arrest! (In fact, I think she got pretty lucky by not being slapped with some handcuffs herself.) Not that I'm suggesting she's a criminal, but, she was in the home all those hours that Blags was doing "business" on the bugged family phone while sitting on the couch in his jogging suit.

Go ahead, call Blags a scumbag criminal. As you know, I disagree. Gov. Blagojevich is not a Gov. Spitzer nor is he a member of the Gambino crime family. He does not have offshore accounts and he does not have cash tied up in real estate. Follow the paper, it doesn't exist! Blago is a wannabe criminal at best.
Like her or not, Patti is taking one for the Blags team by doing this silly show. Blago's defense attorneys need to be paid and her kids need to go to school. And, Patti needs to create an image separate from that of Mrs. Rod Blagojevich because, no matter how much Rod wants to be compared to Ghandi, it ain't happenin'.

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Rod is, was, and continues to be a goof. However, Patti Mell fell in love with him, went halves on children with Rod, and is stepping into jungle for him. More tragically, the poor girl must hang around the jungle with A-List Mopes like the Baldwin kid. Que Mujer!
God bless women!

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