Monday, September 08, 2008

MSNBC - Matthews and Olbermann Out! - Still Irrelevant.

"what did you Boys Do? Milky? Tubby?'

Chris 'The White Noise' Matthews and Keith 'Tubby' Olbermann have been canned as anchor chairs for election night coverage by MSNBC In The Tank for Obama and its sinking flagship NBC News.

The Took Shed- MSNBC not only destroyed its flimsy credibility but it also created a ground swell of anger among voters repulsed by its ham-handed shillling for Camp Obama.

Adios Milky! Good Luck, Tubby. Why a flannel-mouthed jerk like Matthews or a game-show-host mangue like Olbermann seemed significant in the defeat of NBC's enemies ( Read anybody not a lunatic left Progressive)is beyond me - but I can not thank those geniuses enough.

Thirty Rock must be real life!


colecurtis said...

If MSNBC and NBC thinks that this "too little too late"move will restore their credibility with the public, they are farther from reality than their Dem counterparts. MSNBC,NBC and CNN insult the American public's intelligence by trying to even deny their political bias in their reporting. The other media outlets may take this lesson to heart because they too could find themselves on the recieving end of "we the people's"ire.This reminds me of Network(the movie) and it is about time that we the people get MAD AS HELL AND WE AIN"T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I simply do not listen to any of those liberal/democratically (not really democratic) inclined stations - which includes almost all of them. Since dan rather (who I did email and told him to stop telling me his opinion - but instead to do his job which is simply to REPORT - then he was out)I have tuned into none of those applicable stations (abc, cbs, nbc, msnbc, cnn) and will never give my ear time or sight time until I hear from someone who actually watches them (duh!) that they have changed. I am still waiting but am not concerned - I couldn't care less about thier idiotic thoughts or opinions. They need to get off the drugs or whatever they are on (other than thier egos) and do what they are expected to do which is report - NOT opine or slant to thier views.