Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain/Palin: Catholics Seem to Give McCain/Palin the Zogby Boost

The Zogby Numbers seem to indicate Catholics to be the big demographic in the McCain/Palin Bounce over the flat Obama/Biden ticket. Makes Sense - Obama Loves Abortion and Hates School Choice and Joe Does What the DNC Tells Him.

They Are no Mavericks!

All they got is Hollywood - We got Altar and Rosary Societies and Knights of Columbus Councils everywhere!

Some Very Strange Numbers From Zogby

Fritz Wenzel, a spokesman for the Zogby polling organization, is on XM POTUS08 right now, and he says that according to their numbers, McCain's surge in the polls started during the Democratic convention... which strikes me as rather odd.

Then he says that Sarah Palin is helping McCain by "double digits" among Catholic voters, particularly in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Michigan. While I don't find that impossible, it's interesting that a non-Catholic political figure would move the dial for Catholic voters. (Having said that, it's easy to picture her "hockey mom" style playing with Catholic voters in those states...)

[UPDATE: Numerous readers argue this is the Trig Palin effect. Yeah, that would make sense. A couple readers are telling me Sarah Palin was baptized Catholic, but I am skeptical that that would be the reason that Catholic voters would be shifting to the McCain-Palin ticket; that fact just doesn't seem publicized enough, nor seem like the piece of data that would shift a voter from one ticket to another, as Biden is Catholic.]

Independent women voters, as a portion of the sample, shrunk from 15 percent to 7 percent, but they went to Obama-Biden, not McCain-Palin. Yet among independent voters overall, McCain-Palin leads Obama-Biden, 49 percent to 42 percent.

All of this is from a Zogby Interactive poll of likely voters. For what it's worth...

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Anonymous said...

Catholics are not likely to be overly impressed by Obama's so-called Christian religion or religious beliefs.

Bart said...

Uncle Pat,

You've got to be joking about your enthusiasm for Palin.

As a former English teacher you must see the irony in her situation. The woman promotes abstinence, yet has a 17-yr old pregnant daughter. Please don't pretend you don't appreciate that.
What if Obama's 17-yr old daughter had a baby? Can you imagine that? I'm sure people would back off. Ha!

The last tiny shreds of McCain's political independence are lost somewhere in Rove's jowls. McCain has sold out like a frickin' Stones concert. Palin proves it.

Let's have some semi-honest political discourse. I don't mean wimpy. I don't mean taking the "high ground". You can be tough, personal and honest. For example, I think Palin is a cunt. I can say that without making up something about her record.

Please, quit posting the bogus pic of Obama with a cigarette in his mouth, it's lame.



pathickey said...

I like her, Bart. I like her quite a bit.

You won't vote for her or McCain. No big deal, Bart.

Uncle Pat