Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain?Palin: Seth Pie-Gallon's Progressive Thoughts on McCain/Palin, Racism, Classism, Systemic Gaming Systems, Sweet Movies

I'm* talking about the Bail Out Crisis because Old Man Hickey already did and said that he is against the bail out which means I am for it. God, I hate him! Mean People Suck! He Hates the Dead. Hickey listens to the Young Rascals - they had a TV show I guess. He's all about black white. I hate him! Hickey Sucks!

I read Steve Weber in Huffington Post, because Hickey hates him and the show Wings was pretty cool I guess its on Lifetime Channel and my Mom watches it. Steve Weber is one of the guys on the show but he's really smart.

Weber is really smart and knows stuff like this about the bail out I highlighted the really fetch stuff he says - he reads books, I guess. Check it out, Dude:

The fraudulent grounds for what will be an even larger haul than what was bagged by The Shakedown in Iraq have been laid out by the latest Bush henchman Machine Gun Henry Paulson and his sidekick Binky Bernanke: almost a trillion buckeroos pulled from the remaining orifices of the now officially comatose American public to bail out the very wankers who have picked them clean. Wow. Even Winston Smith is dumbfounded.

It's like watching a rape from a few feet away only nobody's screaming and nobody cares. So desensitized and dehumanized is the American public that the thieves are sure to get away clean. This will surely become a fascinating chapter in the history of the late, great United States for future students to study. They will see the deleterious effects of constant exposure to television, an educational and entertainment tool that was used for nefarious purposes by Those Greedy Bastards. They will build dioramas of the massive shopping boxes which perched like roach motels in cities and towns, drawing people in to consume beyond their means to digest, beyond their means to afford. They will study the steady reduction of standards of education and information, the virtual obliteration of history and they will note the side effects: progressive brain softening and deterioration of free will and the diminution of once proud swaths of the American public to atrophied, docile clods, roused only when their sugar is withheld or one of their pagan gods is criticized.

That is so cool! I hate Sarah Palin and she makes me sick! Alaska is near Russia - yeah. God is she stupid and McCain can't work a e-mail. O Hate them Obama Rules we're all getting a tax-cut, health care, and no War. Only racists are for McCain and Old People like Hickey.

The bail out will be good because there was this guy on MSNBC and he said Bush did nothing for Africa. I'm tired. I think Rachel Maddow is Hot!

Vote Obama on November 5th! Tina Fey reminded me!

*Seth Pie-Gallon Bio:

Seth Pie-Gallon is a film & television writer/producer living in America's Heartland -- Peotone, IL. He's the founder of The Department of Homeland Narcissism, a grassroots initiative demanding an apology from President George W. Bush for the offenses of his two terms. He's also founder of the groups: Democrats for Levi Strauss, Progressives Against Parsnips, and Please Don't Hit His new book is Pardon My Algorithms: Ready-to-Mail Apologies for Eight Years of Undergraduate. Seth Pie-Gallon is a member of Ward Churchill Study Group and the Michael Moore Subway Sandwich Fellowship.

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