Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain/Palin: Crossing the Pig to Nowhere with Barack 'Lipstick Barry' Obama

Gee Whizz! The Press decided to make Obama sound like a school snitch that got pants-ed* during lunch hour.

From Ben Smith's Politico:

Obama said the McCain campaign moved to "seize an innocent remark and take it out of context because they knew it's catnip for the news media."

"See, it would be funny, but the news media decided that would be the lead story yesterday. This happens every election cycle. Every four years, this is what we do. This is what they want to spend two of the last 55 days talking about...Enough!" he said.

Obama called the attacks "lies, outrage and swift boat politics."

"These are serious times and they call for a serious debate...spare me all the phony outrage. Spare me all the phony talk about change," he said.

Which reminded me of Nice Deb's Posting some time back - would this sniveling cry-baby give the keys to U.S.A. R Us to Chavez or other tyrants if they got fresh with Obama?

Here at home a girl has been 'picking on him' for a week and a 72 year old man has been laughing at Barack Obama! Now, only MSNBC and CNN takes him seriously.

* Pants-ed (v. transitive To Pants, or the condition of pants(ed) past tense) etymology - from the Chicago-ese the condition of having been the victim of an act perpetratued by one or more persons as a cautionary discipline. The trousers or pants are pulled down and,in the more serious cases involving snitching or telling, removed entirely from the culprit and tossed over a phone wire or tree.

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