Friday, September 26, 2008

Barney Franks Sings The ACORN Song - In The Tank and On the Stage for His Patrons

The Acorn Song

I'm a little acorn brown,
Sitting on the cold cold ground,
Every body steps on me,
That is why I'm cracked you see.


I'm a nut
I'm a nut
I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm a nut

Called my self up on the phone,
Just to hear my glorious tone,
Asked myself out on a date,
Gotta be ready at half past eight.


Took myself to the movie show,
Sat me down in the very front row,
Wrapped my arms around my waist,
Got so fresh I slapped my face.


Coca cola came to town,
Pepsi cola shot him down,
Dr. Pepper fixed him up,
Now we all drink 7-up.

7-up got the flu,
Now we all drink Mt. Dew;
Mt. Dew got in a fight,
Now we all drink Lots of Sprite.*

I'm a little piece of tin,
Nobody know what shape I'm in,
Got four wheels and a running board,
I ain't a Chevy and I ain't a Ford.

Honk, Honk, Rattle, Rattle, Crash, Beep Beep,
Honk, Honk, Rattle, Rattle, Crash, Beep Beep!

*Other Soda verses can be added at this point:
(Extended Dance remix version)

Lot'sof Sprite was a thug,
Now we all drink lots of Mug
Lot's of Mug went to lunch,
Now we all drink Hawaiian Punch.

Hawaiian Punch liked to splurge,
Now we all drink lots of Surge,
Lot'sof Surge became a father,
Now we all drink lots of water.

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Anonymous said...

Wow what an impressive blog. Such persuasiveness that you managed to get both of your readers to agree with you.

pathickey said...

It's a Struggle!