Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain/Palin- Sun Times Stuck on Stupid - Read This Idiotic Editorial on Sarah Palin's Speech! Wear Your Depends -or Borrow Some!

Hat Tip to my Pal Steve Rhodes at Beachwood Reporter! Thanks Steve! Have a Falstaff Son!

I did not get around to peeking at 'The Progressive Independent Voice of Chicago' this morning, as I was busy doing what most Americans do - taking care of kids, getting to work and actulaly doing something when I get there! Never on Queen's Time!

So, I turned to the Beachwood Reporter to get an update on Chicago Media Moon-Howlers!

Never disappointed - Heeyah 'Tis - The Sun Times (STNG) in all of its suicidal glory (excerpt of course)!

. . .Because his pick for vice president, Sarah Palin, is woefully unprepared to be Leader of the Free World.

Does this sound harsh? We know it does, though we mean no disrespect. Our sincere hope is that McCain, a good and brave American, lives a long and healthy life. But when the senator chose Alaska Gov. Palin to be his running mate, and in doing so deemed her fit to stand a heartbeat from the presidency, he either demonstrated phenomenally bad judgment or put politics ahead of country.

Palin has almost no experience on the national or international stage. She has virtually no qualifications to be commander in chief. She is the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a town about the size of a couple of Chicago high schools. She has been governor for 20 months of a wilderness state with a population of 684,000 -- about the number of folks in Will County.

And the more Palin's GOP defenders contort themselves to defend her credentials, attempting to inflate the uninflatable, the more obviously thin her resume looks.

Asked by a CNN reporter what qualifies Palin to be commander in chief of America's armed forces, a McCain aide pointed out that, as governor, Palin "commanded" the Alaska National Guard. The reporter then asked, to no avail, for a single instance in which Palin had involved herself in the business of the Guard.

A commentator for the conservative National Review generously granted Palin "foreign policy" experience solely on the basis of geography -- Alaska is next to Russia and borders Canada. If the commentator knew of any Palin-Putin talks, he failed to mention them.

Jimmy the Two-Headed Boy, or most De LaSalle Graduates could understand Palin's speech last night. Not Chicago's 'Progressive Independent Voice' - they are waiting for John McCain to explain it to them - Senator, Read Slowly!!!!!!!!! Use Pictures!


Greybeard said...

Can there be any question why newspapers are failing across the country?
Actually reporting "the news" isn't possible with these partisans. Who wants to pay for printed lies and political pressure?

It's an inevitability-
Bye-bye Sun-Times.
May you rest in peace.

(Pathickey sent me, via Marathon Pundit.)

colecurtis said...

"Uh" the last time I checked Bevis and Butthead's experience on any front would fit inside a zero..that's right I said a zero. The Democrats and the Hollywood Airheads have always been out of touch with reality, people and the events going on around them because they are too caught up in themselves. A perfect example is this snippet that I got from the DC Examiner via an email. Matthews: Dems are late to the theater

I can't make this stuff up folks:

I've seen that movie

The most striking differences between the two political conventions, according to MSNBC's Chris Matthews, are the cultural and behavioral ones of the respective attendees. Speaking at a National Journal breakfast on Wednesday, he likened Republicans to the people in the movie theater who arrive five minutes before the film starts. Democrats, on the other hand, are the people "that come in late with this huge bag of popcorn. They can't find their way in the dark. They say, 'What time did it start?'"

"Democrats have more fun," he said, while "Republicans are more organized."

Anonymous said...

This one of many reasons why I may cancel my subscription to the Southtown Star.

Anonymous said...

this article could not have been more close to the truth. Palin, although I disagree with the way she is being treated by the media, is frankly a joke. "Politics before country" could not have been closer to the mark. I honestly don't think person can truthfully say she has the required experience or skill to help run a nation - let alone one at the forefront of the global economy and standards of living, a nation to which most of the world looks up to.

the sad thing is, I am an educated, registered republican. make of it what you will

colecurtis said...

Anonymous huh that says alot and I wouldn't be so fast to say educated because if you think Obama is more equipped to run this country in the presidential slot than Sarah is in the Vice-presidential slot than you may need to go back to school. She has more executive experience than Biden and Obama combined which speaks volumes about the Democratic ticket in comparison to the Republicans. Just by your comment explains exactly how Obama got nominated and why I do not want people such as yourself and the rest of the blind people who have no clue about politics nor the world events going on around you. I am looking to my grandchildren and great grandchildren's future. You people deserve what ever you get but thank God that you have those who can see and are looking out for your future as well as theirs.