Friday, September 05, 2008

MSNBC - The Elephant in the Living Room - I'm Sorry, I Mean Irrelevant

Milky, Tubby, and Butch are guilty, guilty, guilty!!!!

Chris 'Milky' Matthews - The White Noise! He shouts over the answers of every person that Milky chooses to try and embarrass - Milky always fails. Like Rep. Adam Putnam of Florida who along with a McCain Aide, were subjected to The White Noise's incessant screaming prior to Sarah Palin's ground swelling speech on Thursday.

'Who, Who? Who made these smears against Palin? Who?' - Milky must poop through feathers!

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC Orson Welles in idiotic men's wear and his Sorcerer's Apprentice Rachel 'Butch' Maddow are non-stop obnoxious. Butch offered that a Palin Countdown to Termination would be expected:

This has been greeted with such shock — and with every salacious detail about stuff that wasn’t vetted coming to the floor seemingly with each hour of the news cycle — it is becoming less likely by the hour that Palin will still be John McCain’s nominee even by the end of the week.

and Milky and Butch that Palin is Anti-Semitic:

MATTHEWS: Is it true that she believes that God supports the war in Iraq? How does she know?

MADDOW: Was she sitting in the pew in her church in Wasilla two weeks ago when a speaker said that the Israelis deserve terrorist attacks, because Jews are unbelievers in Christ?

MADDOW: That was in the Politico today. Jews for Jesus founder speaking at her church while she was there two weeks ago making incredibly, incredibly out of line comments about Israel and Jewish people. These are tough questions she'll have to answer.

MATTHEWS: Pro or con?

MADDOW: Saying that's why Israel was subject to terrorist attacks. It was God's judgment for not believing in Christ.

MATTHEWS: What's the source?


All the while Milky was whining to every Dream Team Panelist - getting paid by the way from NBC, Lard Ass Olbermann interrupted while thumbing through the latest reports of Savanah Something - 'PALIN went to Six! Count 'em Six colleges! We'll have more on this late breaking wind as it develops!'

Air Biscuit again, Lard Ass!

As Tubby would manage to screw-up 'The Fault, dear Brutes Us, Lies not in OUR Stars (MSNBC) but in Dan Abrams!!! Yeah he did it! Fire Him!!!! I'm Keith Olbermann!!!!
Good Luck!!!!'

It is you, you morons! You are the guilty parties in this political smear and everyone knows it! You - NBC, MSNBC and the Tools that Stooge There - are guilty!

Not only that, you morons, you tossed your lawyer's Kid! Butch is taking Dan's Show!

You clowns! I hope none of these rats get off of the sinking NBC -Ship of Fools!


Anonymous said...

I watch MSDNC...I'm addicted to the most rancid, crazy reality show on TV....

You forgot to post that Spitz Matthews and Keith Uberjack had to be separated for the RNC...they don't play well together.

Scarborough must be looking for a new job,..

and Peggy Noonan and that set up on the open mic...

didn't your mother ever tell you LAY DOWN WITH DOGS, YOU"ll GET UP WITH FLEAS...

it's time for Peggy to find a new place to work , and then get a good attorney!

I don't think it was in your contract to have your words altered and then posted on the Huffblow.

pathickey said...

Hi Anon!

Thanks for sharing.

I'm Pat H and I'm a Train-wreck Addict. Still in the Game.

Now, I watch snatches of MSNBC! I know . . .trainwrecks, accidents, Balkan Wars, Knights of Columbus Meetings were Gateways . . . I thought I had control . . .now its watching . . . MSNBC.