Tuesday, September 09, 2008

McCain/Palin: Cartoon Character Billy Ayers Bombs With His Own Cartoon - Oooze 'N Snooze!

Hugh Hewitt of Townhall links Jake Tapper's ABC report of Billy 'The Bomber' Ayers - America's #1. Domestic Terrorist - 'dumbing down' Cartoon for Really Stupid People on What He Means - Next feature should include a four panel knock-up explaining the 'Old Glory Polka' from Chicago Magazine!

BTW - Billy - where's that happenin' old guy ear-ring? Damg, next you'll be festooned in a Shriner's Fez!

Billy Ayers - Dope You Can Not Believe(in)! Hunter S. Thompson on peyote, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey and amyl nitrates could not make this stuff up!


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