Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah Palin - Palin is Ready to Lead and Meet Her Critics - I Do Not Believe that They Will Care to Meet The Governor on a Level Playing Field

The front page of the Chicago Tribune features a nude painting done by a 69 year old artist - who employed his daughter as a model for Governor Palin. The Chicago Tribune editorial geeks are solidly behind Senator Obama. Along with the cork-screwing Sun Times, the Tribune engages in a daily beatdown of McCain or Palin. No big deal really as no one in Chicago seems to pay much attention to the Chicago editorial dweebs and pencil-necks who tend to live in lily-white suburbs while celebrating diversity.

With all the news that the Chicago Tribune is not covering - Tony Rezko, Willliam Ayers and their long and close associations with Senator Obama; another murdered Chicago Police Officer; multiple killings and shootings on the south and west sides; a moronic Governor bankrupting the State; Public Schools looting the budget and world wide terrorism; the editorial snobs decided to be edgy.

The painting is in no way offensive - its is badly done art, by what appears. It might be to Gov. Palin's father or her husband, but then again the 'artist' would cower behind freedom of speech and artistic expression to avoid a sound beating by either or both gentleman.

What is offensive is the 'nuanced' editorial gigglers. Nuanced means bullshit these days - Obama is 'nuanced.' Obama is using 'Middle Class' more than TV sit coms use 'Dude!' - when in fact, Obama committed to Trinity United Church of Christ which demanded that members 'disavow' the American Middle Class. That's Nuanced. The editorial Board at the Chicago Tribune is Nuanced.

The Chicago Tribune long ago shred its dignity along with editorial intelligence. No matter, people will stop buying the paper product and more hard working and effective people with the Tribune will be laid off - and the talentless and smugly mediocrities will soldier on.

The painting is of no consequence and even of less consequence is the Chicago Tribune.

A Chicago Police Officer was murdered by a drug-dealing thug - every day occurrence; the greatest financial catastrophe in decades brought on by Progressive nitwits and scam mortgage pirates; a simpleton Governor is bankrupting Illinois - but Chicago Tribune needs to mock the Governor of a solvent State running for Vice President.

Eric Zorn says that expectations for Gov. Palin are on the floor.

It is always great to hear someone display contempt and low-regard before a contest. Generally, it comes from someone who has never been in a fight, much less won one.

People who have actually acted in the interests of other people or been placed in a situation that requires dignity and courage from them never sneer at any combatant.

Most people, and Sarah Palin is like most people not Tina Fey, or Bill Maher or Sean Hannity, face life and the occasional opponent as if they were playing Notre Dame every day.

Then there are the nuanced - those who avoid the fights, the struggles, the commitments - and sneer.

On Thursday night Governor Palin will face a great Democratic foe in Senator Biden. She had best pack a big Lunch. She will do fine.

Then, Governor Palin and turn to chat with Salon, MSNBC, CNN, and the dweebs at Chicago Tribune. Pack a big energy bar cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

The Chicago Tribune is getting fairly low. While at it, the paper should print Larry Sinclair's photo montages. You know, the gander and goose thing.

Steevesna said...

Thanks for the read, I'm not from Chicago but you could substitute just about any urban fishwrap and it would be just as true.

idjiut said...

Joe Biden is the one who needs to pack a lunch for Thursday's debate. What is truly sad is that a court jester like Joe Biden has been able to retain his office for so many years and does not speak well about the citizen voters who kept him there.