Friday, September 26, 2008

“Bad manners make a journalist.” Oscar Wilde on Sarah Palin

“A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude”

Allow me, Governor.

Sarah Palin, though a resident of Alaska lives in my neighborhood. Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Chris Rock, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Campbell Brown, Chris Matthews and all of your critics do not.

Sarah Palin, like my neighbors, Democrats largely, white and black, Catholic and Protestant,. . . Danny Levi who owned the Irish Temple Pub died last year, so Jews are scarce immediately - alot of Muslims near by.

They are great people with wonderful manners, even during Little League . . .not so much during softball, or Catholic League Games - can get contentious.

People in my neighborhood, like in Kankakee, IL, Elyria, OH, Bettendorf, IA or Moscow, WI are unfamiliar with creepy people. We pay Cable, Satellite and DISH companies for that. That is the only way boors get in our homes.

The gottcha game on TV is understood. Like I said Sarah Palin, is unfamiliar with jerks. People in the media capitalize on the good nature and manners of people. The more off-putting or ridiculous statement or lie tossed in the face of good person like Sarah Palin, stuns and is meant to stun. Good manners and propriety in a social setting, like an interview keep good people from responding to a stupid, misleading or offensive question.

The more stupid, misleading and offensive the jerk happens to be, the bigger the geek ( once freaks in side-shows who performed disgusting acts for pay) the bigger the network cache.

There will be plenty of time for Vice President Sarah Palin to let Katie, Keith, Rachel, Chris, Charlie and the others in on 'what makes her tick.' That will be must see TV.

In the mean time allow me to offer a sound byte you may wish to employ in the mean time:

Katie: 'Governor what makes you think . . .'

Sarah: 'Why, We call that a thought muscle up in Wasilla Katie.'

Keith: ' William Howard Taft . . .'

Sarah: 'The poor guy is dead, Keith. He left an empty space in many hearts. And in his environment. Really. Are you still biting the bubbles in the bathtub, Keith?'

Charlie: 'What is the Bush Doctrine?'

Sarah: ' It is the codification of beliefs, attributed to George W. Bush our 43rd President that holds that pussies in pinz nez glasses acting like Rex Harrison after a sponge bath by Paul Begala have about three seconds before my husband Todd reenacts Sonny kicking Carlo's ass from Godfather - that's a film Charley . . .here's Todd now!'

Rachel: 'With . . .'

Sarah: 'Not even With an Act of God Rachel. But bless you for asking!'

Chris Matthews: 'How . . .'

Sarah: 'Answer the Question Chris this is Hardball! This isn't Funny! Answer! "What Are You Stupid? My God ! "He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.” Winston Churchill said that about You Chris!'


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Palin is doing fine. She has good political instincts and is quite a decent person.


pathickey said...

Preaching to Choir, here, BA!

Chicago Ray said...

With Stupid?... He Is Stupid In The Flesh.

And as we know stupid is as stupid does, and Keith Olbermann is nothing but pure obnoxious scuzz.