Monday, September 01, 2008

Obermann & Maddow: Tubby and Butch Dish the Bitch on Gov. Palin and Her Family:MSNBC-The Tool Shed

Click my post title for one of the Reasons why Obama's Campaign is going down like The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan on 'a greased pole' - to quote British Statesman Benjamin Disreali. It's a You Tube Video of Olbermann and Maddow. I would love to arrange a double date between Tubby and Butch and Mr. & Mrs Palin - out in some private isolated field where the two couples might express their genuine feelings in a very open, frank and physically robust manner. This video could get things rolling nicely.
The two most obnoxious dweebs in America attempt to insult Governor Palin, her children especially her son soon to deployed to Iraq, and the values that most Americans hold with regard to Faith, Country and Family. Olbermann and Maddow have done as much for Barack Obama's run at history as they have for MSNBC- The Tool Shed!
Thanks, Tubby and Butch! Keep up the great work! It is refreshing to have a Vice Presidential Candidate for whom Maddow and I share a powerful admiration - no, not Joe Biden. 'Tick, tick, tick. .'


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Olbermann and Maddow are crass hateful human beings.

But, then, so are the owners and operators of NBC and the others who support MSNBC and such shows as Olbermann and Maddow have on that network.

We can write whatever we want and it wont' matter much to any of them.

But if we start a campaign against the advertisers, they might listen.

And they might speak to the network.

Meanwhile, we must continue to tell everyone we know, whether they agree with us or not, to stop listening to MSNBC.

At least they'll have something to think about.

pathickey said...

Sound and sensible words, my friend; nevertheless, Tubby and Butch, arrogant and self-absorbed though they be, seem to be doing more, in their convoluted way, to advance the cause of good sense among most voters than any boycott of the oafish NBC conglomerate could hope to do.

Have blessed Labor Day Holiday!

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Dear pathickey, you're right. And that's the unintended positive backside of the frontside of all that tripe O and M dish out.

And, indeed, have a happy, blessed and safe Labor Day.