Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain/Palin: Barry O'Bama Channels Tommy Makem to Snare the Paddy Vote!

‘ Can You HEAR ME ALL THE WAY UP THERE??? No? Well, then how the Hell do know what I'm Asking? Great Roaring Ugly Crowd of you here, God Bless All!

My Name is Barry O’Bama* - one sec . . . let me tune this banjo to C -tuning for the frailin’ . . . there now!

I need the vote of every Man -Jack of You . . . and the Missus, so. . . Did you think I’d be forgettin’ the Ladies is it? My wife Mickey and two girls’d have my tripes for boilin’ On with IT Now! If Know this One! . . . And Roar It Out . . .!

I was born about ten thousand years ago
In Bellmullet in the County of Mayo
It was me that chased the vermin, while St. Patrick preached the sermon
And I’ll whoop the man that says it isn’t so

Now, Here's the Chorus! Roar out and kick the shins of them's not Singin'!!!

Singing rightful too-ra-laddie too-ra-lee
There is no one who can tell a lie like me
You can search until you tire, you won’t find a bigger liar
I’ve been lying since the dawn of history

I saw Eve go pickin’ apples off a tree
She came over and she offered one to me
I turned and said, “Dear madam, go try your luck with Adam
I’m going home to have some fish and chips and tea.”

I saw Delilah cuttin’ Samson’s hair
She snipped away until his head was bare
When he couldn’t run away, she married him next day
And they opened a barber shop in Clare

With King Billy at the Boyne I heard them call
On his followers to follow till they fall
Then he said, “We’ll win quite easy, and we’ll canonize, young Paisley.”
Then he up and sang a verse of Derry’s Walls

It was Election 2008 I met them all
There was Ayers, Wright, Pfleger at De Paul
Then one day I nearly fainted, I was having my house painted
There was Palin hanging paper in the hall

Right ! Good on You! See you all in the booth . . .crowded it will be . . .on the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo - That’s Election Day to you chislers from Edison Park! Off with you then! Drive Carefully!’

'This is Dave Axelrod - Thanks Everyone! Lotta Truth in that song! Join us next week here at Camp Obama for 'Songs of My Father's Kibbutz' with Baruch Obama ben Barack.'

US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama can now count himself as one of the millions of Americans with Irish heritage.

Research by the genealogy website reveals that Mr Obama's great great great grandfather was born in Ireland, although it is not yet known where.

Falmouth Kearney sailed from Ireland to New York in 1850 at the age of 19 on the S.S. Marmion arriving on the 20th of March.

AdvertisementHe initially settled in Ohio, got married, had eight children, and later moved to Indiana, right next door to the state Obama currently represents in the US Senate.

Mr Keaney was part of the great American migration to escape the 1840s potato famine in Ireland.

Mr Obama's father was from Kenya, while his mother grew up in Kansas.

'A great deal has been made of Obama's Kenyan roots, however his European ancestry has until now been overlooked', said Managing Director Simon Harper.

If Mr Obama gets elected, he would be the first multiracial US president in history - and join a long list of those with Irish ancestry including Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and of course, John F. Kennedy.

Ronald Reagan's great-grandfather, Michael O'Reagan, was born in Ireland in the 1820s. John F Kennedy's great-grandfather Patrick Kennedy came from Dunganstown, Co Wexford, while Bill Clinton's maternal ancestors are said to have come from Co Fermanagh.

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