Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mr. Kass - Da Machine Answers Yer Charges, Mug! - En Ballade Quatrain

'Let Me Be As Clear as Possible - or 'I'll Say This Again!'

Mount Carmel don't play football;
'N Leo Don't Run Track;
Da Mayer's On Da Level;
Yo,Kass, Get Off Our Backs.

Spring Don't Precede Summer;
'N Cars don't Run on Gas;
Palin Brings Home Real Blubber;
Kass, You Jus Distracts!'!

McCain is an Ol' Hipppie:
Barack is 'Being Clear;'
Ayers was not a Bomber:
Kass, Ged Oudda Here!

Da Sox Got Ample Pitchin:'
Da Bears Got Ample Line:
Dis City's on Da Level;
Obama's Clock Don't Wind.

Da Media Plays As Square As
Da Indy 500 Track.
Medill School Trained Inkslingers
Don't Scratch Obama's Back.

Jesus Was A Activist;
'N Pilate was a Guv.
Give Barack His Propa's
You Racist Right Wing Bum!

Rezko's Not in the Slammer;
Daley Don't Heart the Bean;
Chicago's On The Level
John Kass is Just Too Mean!

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