Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain/ Palin: Obama Clings to 'The Disavowal of the Middleclass' While Talking Up Middle Class - Both Sides of His Mouth Work Fine!

"Any black person who identifies himself as middle-class psychologically withdraws from the group and becomes a proponent of strengthening and sustaining the system,"

Obama embraced the 12 tenets of Trinity United Church of Christ, but his long and warm association with Re. Jeremiah Wright, a Black Liberation Theologian, became too dicey for his Presidential ambitions.

Obama, for twenty years, embraced the disavowal of the middleclass. He now chirps like a tit-willow in love with the American Middle Class.

Obama will do anything to President and those backing his campaign know that:

He embraced:

William Ayers, a domestic terrorist

Tony Rezko, a convicted real estate swindler and slumlord

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, preached loudly, strongly and continually for the disavowal of the American Middle Class

American Middle Class?

Wait for the bus to roll over you!

Click my post title for Eric Rush on the real Obama.

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