Monday, September 01, 2008

Roll Over Bakunin! MTV Generation Anarchists Help St. Paul Police Keep the Peace! The Irony of Generation Stupid

Roll over Bakunin (Everybody, Now!)

Well, early in the mornin Im a-givin you a warnin
Dont you step on my blue suede shoes.
Hey diddle diddle, I am playin my fiddle,
Aint got nothin to lose.
Roll over Bakunin and tell Kropotkin the news.

- Hit me with them Rhthym and Blues!

Thousands Protest ( 5 arrested); now that's Change I can Believe in! Today's anarchists - pasty dweebs who live in Mom's basement eating Pop-Tarts, Watching VH-1, MSNBC and Cable Porn - are on the march in St. Paul. MSNBC is watching! Everyone else has Tivo ( 'except me -too cheap).

The Republican National Convention is up and running.

Here is an AP report on the MTV Anarchists:

Police said the size of the crowd shifted during the day before estimating it in the range of 8,000 to 10,000, many of whom marched peacefully. The arrests occurred in confrontations several blocks from the Xcel Energy Center where the GOP gaveled its convention to order in late afternoon. A handful of people were arrested for lighting a dumpster on fire and pushing it into a police car, said St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh.

Instead of a single coherent march that organizers had hoped for, fringe groups of anarchists and others wrought havoc along the streets between the state Capitol and the convention site. Some anarchists who had started the trash bin fire later tried to block a major intersection. Police quickly dispersed the group, then shot two tear gas canisters at the fleeing anarchists.

The commitment of these Later Day Anarchists (holding Mastercard Gold in their Fendi Men's clutch bags) inspires genuine giggles.

Out of Chaos comes Order! Nice working with you, kids! You can not beat stupid! You do not need to do so!

Old Mike would be thrilled, Kids! Nice work St. Paul Police Department!

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