Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain/Palin: Want more Obama/Rezko/Jones? Get Sun Times to take the chains off of Tim Novak!

Obama has two little girls at home dying for a puppy, when he has this kennel of news poodles at the Sun Times! Not Fair!

Speaking of not fair! Toss Carol a dog Yummy! Sneed!! Sit up!

The only pit bull on the Chicago Sun Times is Tim Novak. Click my post title for a litany of Novak stories dug up out of the dirt and the dust shovelled on the truth by Obama's shills, Daley's stooges, Medill's meatheads, Ayers acolytes, and Rezko's raiders.

When little Curtis Cooper was crushed by rusty iron gate on mismanaged former CHA property, Young Cullen Davis ( Son of Allison Davis Obama's Law Boss), all fat and sassy, came to the light of day only because of Tim Novak.

Tim Novak is the real deal. When Obama had the the editorial board of the Sun Times - Sit Up! Beg! Roll-Over!!! Fetch! for him, Tim Novak was doing a newsman's job.

Free Tim Novak! Get Some News!

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Chicago Ray said...

Brutal media's in bed with Obama here just as bad as everywhere else, they all wanna be on the good side if Obama becomes president, with the exception of a few bulldogs; Novak and John Kass from the trib are about the only two that aren't nose first in Obama's behind.

If he loses all the others will all bury him then to try and regain their lost credibility. Too little too late that'll be for those dinosaurs