Thursday, September 04, 2008

MSNBC - TheTool Shed: The Clowns Want to Play Hamlet! Palin Pulled Their Motley Pantaloons ( Armani of Course)!

Browkaw, Matthews, Maddow, Olbermann, and Gregory! The MSNBC Tool Shed Side-Show had their britches yanked; got caught fibbing; been confronted with their folly and yet demand that they be taken with a scintilla of seriousness in the light oftheir having been:

1. Long in the Tank for Obama

2. Slanted any and all coverage against McCain and for Obama

3. Engaged in the ugliest and most unbecoming smear assaults on Governor Sarah Palin and her family

4. Out Shout any answer to a question for which they demand 'their answer to their questions'

5. Insult the viewer.

Clowns who want to be treated like Barrymores.

Take a look at this from Newsbusters:


MATTHEWS: Let's be clear about this, tremendous support from the Washington media. John McCain is an immensely popular figure among the Washington media. He used to say that the press was his base. I mean I’m sure we have that on tape, many places. Because he did enjoy, when he went out with the Straight Talk Express on his wonderful bus trips, I was on, among that happy band on occasion. There was tremendous camaraderie. What he deals with now is the reality that in, it doesn't have to do with party politics or ideology.

But there is always a love of the new. There's always an appeal of the new. Let's face it. The governor of Alaska will benefit from some of that. Barack Obama's benefitted from that. The new kid on the block, whether it's Bill Clinton or it's, or it's Ronald Reagan, in a sense, back in '80. The new kid gets the appeal. The news business, I think, does like the new. It may like the young as well, although not always. Because I thought Ronald Regan got a fabulous press! And Pat Buchanan would even admit it, I think, under sodium pentothal. But the fact is that this-

BUCHANAN: You think the media is in love with Sarah Palin?!

MATTHEWS: I think the media is in love with the story Pat, because it’s a fascinating story. And I’ll tell ya this, if she gets up there tonight and gives a whale of a speech, you’re gonna hear it like Sardie’s after a big Broadway smash.


MATTHEWS: All tonight people will say how great she did. You can predict it.

BUCHANAN: Alright.

MATTHEWS: Nobody's going to deny her a successful night, if that's the case.

BUCHANAN: Alright well let me ask you. Will you, will you say it sent a tingle up your leg?

MATTHEWS: Pat I have always, a multifaceted reporter, and I do report fully on my experiences in the hall. And when you get a new line let me know, will ya buddy? It’s a little tired by now, but it's a good one.

David, we're, but let me go to David who's on the floor right now to get, to see if he has a full report. David is this the buzz right now? The incipient war between the almost, the old Goldwater establishment in terms of its attitude towards the Eastern media? As Tom Brokaw pointed out. This is an on, an old, old conflict and it may be a useful one to the Republican Party.


America - kick these clowns to the curb!

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