Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain/Palin:McCain Crosses the T – on Obama Armada

Like Nelson at Trafalgar, Togo at Tsushima, Jellicoe at Jutland and Oldendorf at Surigao, John McCain brought all of the heavy guns in his fleet to bear upon the mighty Obama Armada lined up in rigid order of battle.

John McCain crossed the T with his patient and calculated choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on August 29th. It is all over. That move was the game changer. Dean of Chicago Journalism, Robert Novak wrote this:
. . . not only because Palin appears to be an outstanding candidate but also because McCain in his first test as party leader came through with a unique and responsible decision.
The party faithful had feared the worst, in view of McCain's long record as a maverick who enjoyed violating Republican dogma.
As recently as two weeks before Palin's selection, McCain's closest aides feared, in the words of one of them, "McCain would be McCain," by choosing liberal independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman, which would have deflated the convention and indeed the party on the eve of an uphill battle for the presidency.
But on this occasion, McCain made a politically ingenious selection. Whether the presence on the Republican ticket of a woman for the first time actually will attract disaffected supporters of Hillary Clinton is doubtful.
Gender politics aside, she is an ideal running mate. On the one hand, she shares McCain's loathing for earmarks, which are ingrained in the corruption-tainted politics of Alaska. She also has a good record in fighting off big oil, which plays a major role in the politics of Alaska.
Her election as governor broke the hold of the Republican "Alaska gang," whose senior members have been under criminal investigation.
On the other hand, she meets conservative requirements as an opponent of abortion and member of the National Rifle Association. That is much more than most people in St. Paul were hoping for.
Senator Obama, David Axelrod, Howard Dean, the DNC and their money machines are caught in the searchlights turned on by Media attempts at ‘night action’ on Governor Palin’s family and her character. Clown anchors like Olbermann, Madow and Matthews at MSNBC and Campbell Brown, Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty at CNN have exposed themselves as partisans and not journalists.

The McCain Campaign is on target and firing salvo after salvo and the impact is serious on Obama:

Monday, September 08
Race Poll Results Spread
USA Today/Gallup
McCain 54, Obama 44
McCain +10
Rasmussen Tracking
McCain 48, Obama 47
McCain +1

Obama is sunk, not for lack of brains, but lack of guts. He could have and should have asked – begged Hillary Rodham Clinton to shore up his well-heeled but doctrinaire campaign handled entirely by Progressives. Instead, his rarified soul demanded a lesser light in durable, affable, malleable Joe Biden (D-Delaware).

Obama is perceived, and rightly so, to be a snob and a disdainful prophet of redistribution of wealth. Obama’s Armada and all of its legions of tax-payer funded foot-soldiers (SEIU, Public School Lobby, Teachers Unions, AFSMCE, ACORN & etc.) is sunk.. Obama has been hoisted to Olympus on the hemp and pulleys of the Progressives – kind of a reverse deus ex machina and can only talk down to Americans. He uses nice carefully chosen words but he still talks down to us in litanies of imperative sentences.

McCain steamed right across Obama’s bow and his Armada lined up like baby ducks behind him and Joe Biden. The Armada is shattered.

Waxing biblical, as they did in Denver, I might add from Douay Rheims - Pharao's chariots and his army he hath cast into the sea: his chosen captains are drowned in the Red Sea. Exodus 15:4


Chicago Ray said...

You said it all there Patrick, Obama is indeed a gutless wonder and his Hillary treatment shot a cannonball the size of Pluto through his credibility and hopes to bolster his decision making reputation, or to be more accurate, lack thereof.

That sound we just heard? The empty suit just fell off the hanger.

civil truth said...

While we have witnessed the extraordinarily rare (and perhaps unprecedented in U.S. political history) event of a Vice-Presidential choice reversing the direction of a Presidential campaign (aided by an overarching press hubris that boomeranged with Gov. Palin's extraordinary speech at the Republican convention), followed up by McCain's convention speech marking the audacious strike by the Republicans to seize the mantle of "hope and change" through unbranding themselves as mavericks - with the election still two months ahead, it's too early to declare victory.

True, the Republicans have seized the initiative are scattering the opposition forces, but looking at the history of battles, there are three eventualities that could turn the tide of battle the other way:

1) "loose cannon - friendly fire" (or in soccer parlance, "own goal") that could break the Republican advance and allow the Democrats to regroup and counterattack against a newly developed weakness;

2) lucky shot (figuratively speaking, I pray) that devastates the Republican army (I'm think of the battle of Hasting and the slaying of Harold - or to use a Biblical example, the slaying of Ahab, I Kings 22:34);

3) intervention by outside forces - and here I am concerned that Iran-Russia-Al Qaeda-Hezbollah will coordinate a chain of attacks, probably in mid-October, hoping to achieve the effect of the Tet offensive had on the American public opinion back in the Vietnam War days: militarily disastrous but successful for their political goals. Their hope would be provoke the media into calling Iraq War lost and hopefully thereby turn voters against McCain.

We shall see, but in any case, the enthusiasm and positive energy for the first time is now on the Republican side, along with a genuine prospect of victory.