Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Democrats Mouthpiece Steve McMahon: Even KOS Hates Him: Too Proud to Honor Our President?

Getting Clare dinner before St. Cajetan's Basketball - I caught Howard Dean wizard Steve McMahon proving that the Democratic Party needs a high colonic;

I voted Republican twice in my life. The first time was in 1972, when the Democratic Party was high jacked in Miami and again, this February when I proudly voted for John McCain.

McGovern allowed the worst elements in our Party hold its soul hostage, only to be released when Mayor Richard J. Daley was brought back in to elect Jimmy Carter. Carter craw fished back to the worst elements and was himself tossed. I stayed loyal.

I worked and voted against President Bush twice. The same with his old man. I never held a political job in my life.

I caught Steve McMahon and now I may go off the reservation altogether. I did not vote for president Bush but I honor both the Man and the Office. The Democratic Party is no longer Andy Jackson, Harry Truman, Scoop Jackson or Daniel P. Moynihan. The Democratic Party is now Steve McMahon, a pasty faced Irish gobshite, who would make a great addition to a Federal Prison Farm.

Listening to this jerk mock the Man and the Office - The President of the United States makes me ashamed of my Party, as much as the callow disregard for children and arrogance of the American Bishops in pedophile scandal make me ashamed of my Church - not my Faith only the institution.

The Church will right itself. It has done so many times over the last 2,000 years. Maybe, the Democratic Party will do so once again. John McCain and Sarah Palin embody the very qualities that once were the Democratic Party. Now, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow do just that.

The Democratic Party is Michael Moore, who prayed that Gustav would come and visit disaster upon suffering New Orleans.

The Democratic Party is CNN, Time-Warner, Billy Ayers, Tom Hayden, Group Think and MSNBC. Democrats no longer fight like men. They parse; play gotcha; equivocate; and compromise. The DNC is the death of the Democratic Party. They were murdered like the nephews of Richard III - in their sleep. Killing children is OK with the DNC. They had Pink T-Shirts made to that effect when my boy Kerry got his rump gnawed upon.

Local Democrats can count on me. They will have my vote, because they share my values. Not any DNC sponsored candidate. When men like Tennessee's Harold Ford take control -give me a call. Until then, I will never vote for another Democrat at the National Level.

Americans are served by the President of United States.

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