Sunday, September 14, 2008

McCain/Palin: Mary Mitchell Proclaims Herself A 'Sick -Hater' - Steve Huntley - The Last Person Writing

The hamster on Mary Mitchell's brain wheel jumped off years ago. She is proving to be a metaphor of print journalism's willingness to favor the equivalent of cock fighting over opera.

Mary Mitchell spews this about Governor Sarah Palin with her usual 'nuanced' approach to writing:

Sarah Palin makes me sick. I hate that she was able to steal Barack Obama's mojo just by showing up wearing rimless glasses and a skirt.

I hate that she makes Joe Biden look like John McCain and John McCain look like the maverick he is not.

It plummets from there and mocks Biden's own childhood affliction:

I hate that Palin reminds me of Susan Sarandon's feisty character in "Thelma & Louise." I loved Sarandon in that movie, yet I couldn't stand Palin's feistiness at the Republican National Convention.

Sarah Palin makes me sick -- not because she may speak in tongues -- but because she is a fast talker.

Not even ABC's Charlie Gibson can slow Palin's mouth.

I disagree with the people who claim Gibson caught her off guard during her interview when he asked her whether she agreed with the "Bush Doctrine."

"In what respect?" Palin fired back without so much as a stutter.
Jesus, Biden's gotta love that! No matter to Mary - Joe Biden is a white devil who deserves a good old machete marinade like Bob Mugabe's lads dish-out. That is Mary Mitchell's America! The Sun Times is Okay with it as well.

The Chicago Sun Times values Mary Mitchell in the same way that a Carnival Barker values the acephales,freaks without a complete head system or having no part of the body specially organized as a head. Mary Mitchell gives out race-hate, conspiracy myths, and self-improvement tips from her brushes with the law.

She is sick and she hates - see Mary's words above - now that is nuance!

Steve Huntley* is the only opinion left at the Sun Times. Unlike Marins, girl's dish-lunch-confab-assortment tosses, Steve Huntley goes to work.

Mary Mitchell's Sideshow will pave the Sun Times strut to oblivion.

As McCain's campaign has grown sharper, Obama's has tended to flay about. It has not figured out how to handle McCain's dazzling choice of Sarah Palin. Obama focused on her term as a small-town mayor and ignored her work as governor of Alaska. He came off as belittling a woman's accomplishments while reminding voters of his dismissive remarks about small-town people that damaged him with working-class Americans.

His camp tried to play the abortion card, saying Palin's pro-life belief is unattractive to women. Yet as governor, she never pushed that cause. And, as a woman who balances the responsibilities of elective office and motherhood, Palin's story resonates with women of all political persuasions. Democratic operatives and media friends piled on by questioning her ability to balance both responsibilities, reminding women of the sexism they saw plaguing Clinton's campaign -- sexism coming from, of all places, the liberal heart of American politics. You've got to wonder if Obama regrets not making Clinton his vice presidential nominee.

Democrats who gleefully jumped on McCain when he misspoke, as in seeming to confuse the Sunni and Shia factions in Iraq, must have been stunned when their man had his own misspoken moment -- Obama's referring to "my Muslim faith" in a TV interview. He is a Christian but, because of the Islamic background of his father, has had to fend off rumors about his faith.

A long campaign remains to be waged, with debates, speeches, unguarded moments and chances for embarrassing slip-ups and brilliant political strokes. McCain's folks may be riding high now and Obama's camp at sixes and sevens, but the dynamics still favor the Democrats. Yet, this race is up for grabs, and that's a far cry from June, when Democrats, and not a few Republicans, thought Obama had it all but sewn up.,CST-EDT-hunt09.article

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